Fighting against Apartheid

Fighting against Apartheid requires international solidarity and Germany must stop making Palestinians pay for the crimes of the nazis.

Long before Israel was declared an apartheid regime by Human Rights Watch, Chancellor Merkel announced her “unwavering commitment” for Netanyahu’s nation(alism). Her ignorance most stop, but even the socialist Gregor Gysi refused to learn about the Kilani family execution by locking himself up in the toilet gate affair. While The Greyzone editor-in-chief Max Blumental just tried to get a Gysi statement on the Kilani case, he and David Sheen been smeared as “Israel hater” by allegedly “left-wing” publication Relotius Spiegel & Springer’s right-wing yellow press publication Bild. Caught by surprise in a phone call, Bild “journalist” Ralf Schuler admitted his intention to defame Blumental. That’s how independent the press is in post-ww2 krautistan and how psy-ops work against the People of Germany. While MSM isn’t different in Britain, the woke People stood up against the BBC pro-war propaganda and MSM psy-ops. Hundreds of thousands citizens rallied in the streets of London and Manchester chanting BBC – SHAME ON YOU! to express their anger and frustration with single-sided and faked news. Unfortunately, Hugo was right when he mentioned: The Revolution will not be televised. Of course the BBC ignored to broadcast the giant protests and kept on with “propaganda as usual”.

Somehow Deutsche Welle aired the interview with Ali Abunimah, but they cut it short after DW falsely represented both sides as “equal”. However, we appreciate that Mr. Abunimah could get a few points On-Air since DW is less restrictive compared with all other German TV broadcasters. Germany needs to stop the silence and stop being a partner in crime for the apartheid regime in the middle east.

So Merkel and the military industrial complex in Germany supported Nethanyahu’s fringe-right autocracy with weapons while Israel dropped white phosphor bombs on the displaced Palestinians in the open-air concentration camps build by Israel. So it’s up to the socialists in Germany to reconsider their position and align with the international left movement against the autocracy in Israel.

Israels Provocation

According to members of the Peace Movement in Israel there is a lot what MSM refused to report about:
First, there was the planned expulsion of hundreds of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarach neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Dozens of them were due to be expelled within days and extreme right settlers were going to enter into their vacated homes. Protests in Sheikh Jarach and elsewhere in East Jerusalem met brutal police repression. Then, protests spread to the Haram A Sharif (Temple Mount) compound, and so did the police repression. Police started to shoot “rubber” bullets directly into demonstrators’ faces, causing them to lose eyes – at least two of them losing both eyes and becoming blind for the rest of their lives. Footage of the police breaking into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site and a place considered even by secular Palestinians as a major part of their national heritage, spread widely through the social networks, escalating the protests. And then there was the plan to have thousands of radical young settlers hold the provocative “Dance of the Flags” right through the Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, chanting their habitual racist slogans. The police and government reiterated hour after hour that the “Dance of the Flags” would take place as scheduled. And it was then that Hamas in Gaza threatened to retaliate for the attack on the Palestinians of Jerusalem, and the government declared that it would not bend to “the ultimatums of terrorists”. And at the very last moment the “Dance” was cancelled – but it was too late. At 6.00 PM the salvo of seven Hamas rockets at the outskirts of Jerusalem – which in fact caused no casualties or damage, but which precipitated the Israeli deadly retaliation on Gaza.” — Adam Keller

Calling it “clashes” or a “conflict” is at best biased, but most likely an intentional miss-representation of Palestine’s Fight for Freedom. However, the People can see in the video below how DW tries to “equal” both sides totally ignoring that only one side is armed to the teeth by Germany, UK, and the USA. The US supports the regime of Israel with $3.8 billion in military aid, anally! Additional $735 million in weapons been just approved by the Biden administration for Israel amid it’s massacre of civilians in Palestine. Some there is a pattern when you compare it to Venezuela, Ukraine, Iran, Nazi Deschland, saddam hussein, manuel noriega, . On top of that the US blocked three international ceasefire attempts. So it’s save to say that Israels atrocities against the People in Gaza are backed, funded, and in the interest of US Amerikkka. Joe Biden said about Israel that it had to be invented to protect US interests, if it wouldn’t exist already.

Imagine two people telling you about the weather with one claiming that it’s raining, the other one that it’s dry. If you are hired as journalist, you need to look outside to make an accurate report. Obviously, it’s not accurate when you “equal” it and report that it’s half raining. So, please Deutsche Welle…


The former child actor Rebecca Ritters claims to be an accurate and fair journalist at DW, but obviously she can’t be fair or half pregnant. See yourself how often she tried to manipulate the audience with the term “conflict”. We counted 13 times in 13 minutes in this allegedly “accurate & fair news report”. There are other words to call biased news like that: We prefer hit piece, smear campaign, or in extreme cases even fake news is more accurate than “report”.

Can you imagine how it is to do farm work being under fire by military snipers? Here are videos of the investigative journalist Eva Bartlett showing Palestinian farmers under fire by IDF. That’s terror against unarmed civilians, but those Israeli “defence forces” even killed the donkey to make the life worst for the Palestinian farmers.
Everybody who cares about Human Rights should oppose this terror against civilian Freedom Fighters just like Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. So, we are fighting alongside with them against all forms of fascism, apartheid, and terror — even when it is Israel who is behind the

Crimes against Humanity

It’s kind of old news that right-wing Zionists are ultra-violent and reject the jurisdiction of the ICC, ICJ, and UNO just to avoid consequences for their crimes against Humanity. We are against all fascists, but white phosphor was used against civilians in cities like Hamburg, Leipzig, and Dresden during WW2.

We published our “conversation with a white supremacist” last year when we discovered the highly armed (not mentally) and apartheid supporting blog of GAP-member AsheDina, but the Zionist settler propaganda is targeted on socialists all over the world. That’s not an accident since the Israelis use the international influence of the US empire with AIPAC and

The Lobby

Since we noticed the grass-root sanctions of the BDS movement we stopped to buy products of Israel supporting brands like PUMA, Adidas, AirBNB, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, AXA insurance, Pepsi, Sabra, Strauss Group, Sodastream, Eurovision Song Contest, Pop-Kultur festival, … for good. You can find out Who Profits here to avoid supporting apartheid with your money.

If you are interested how the Great March of Return started and what happened, then the video below is the best that is available today.

Gazas Fight for Freedom

We aren’t surprised that Google immediately soft-censored this outstanding documentary via “age-restriction”, since the corporation was funded by DARPA. So, please support the Empire Files and buy the film, if you can. Otherwise you need to watch it right now since it won’t be available forever because of Google’s hard-censorship aka channel deletion like it happened to the Corbett Report, KenFM and many other independent news outlets.

How Palestine almost disappeared between 1928-2017.

Even Google Earth was originally a 3 letter agency project called Keyhole and while OSM is better for your privacy we recommend Pal Open Maps to learn more about the shifted borders and geography.

Yes, unconstitutional censorship is a reality even when the German “Grundgesetz” (constitution substitute) clearly says no. That’s why independent news outlets are so important today. While China is blamed for disappearing citizen reporters at DW, it’s a fact that not even DW is showing the…

The Untold History of Palestine & Israel

To learn more about Israel’s wars and how the territory was expanded you could read the book “The General’s Son — Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” by the author Miko Peled about his father Matti Peled. Foreign Policy Journalist & Educator Jim Miles wrote this review: “There are many powerful books written on the topic of Palestine/Israel but few if any are as masterfully written as Miko Peled’s “The General’s Son.”

There are even a few Empire Files reports available in German language if you are interested, but topics are different. How the apartheid regime is fighting against Freedom of Speech you can see in the next video.

Silencing Palestine – Prison & Repression

How to identify a Dictatorship

Obviously, there is no Freedom of Speech in the oppressive regime and torture is unacceptable in every Democracy. Therefore Israel must not considered as Democracy, but autocracy or maybe even dictatorship. Whatever you think about his govt, there is no doubt that Nethanyahu is corrupt.

The situation in Palestine became even worst since the Great March of Return according to friends of us. So it was a surprise to see the short film of Farah Nabulsi spreading on independent film festivals and especially the nomination for an Oscar (Ptah) Award. Her film is all about the little people in Palestine and what is considered to be “normal” situations for them.

The Present

If you are against the apartheid regime and Crimes against Humanity like lethal gas attacks, exploding ammunition or white phosphor, you can download the brochure by Visual Palestine for more informations

Unlike Rebecca Ritter’s biased TV comments for DW, Vanessa Beeley is an investigative Journalist with accurate & fair reports about the situation in Palestine. Please, visit her website or social-media channels to get more insights about Palestines Freedom Fighters.

Billions of People all over the World stand in Solidarity with Palestine against the atrocities of Israel. Among them countries like Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Belgium, Bangladesh, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Australia, South America, and even US America had to face large scale protests. In Yemen alone Millions of citizens rally in support of Palestine and of course all over the Middle East as well.

We are against all forms of aggression and the only violence we can support is when it’s used in self defence in the Fight for Freedom. So, we prefer non-violent action of creativity and disobedience. In the case that you are interested to learn about the most effective tactics to fight oppression we recommend to read the eBook From Dictatorship to Democracy written by the legendary author Gene Sharp.

How To Do Non-Violent Protest Effective

As an activist you can join the electronic intifada and ask the politician that you consider to vote for about his/her position on the criminal regime of Israel. Otherwise German politician will ignore your demand to FREE PALESTINE since they avoid confrontations with Zionists & Jews as hard as they can. You can learn more about the BDS movement and support grass-root sanctions, since BDS is opposed to the fascist apartheid regime in Israel.

If you support the fight for a FREE PALESTINE and want to show it on your own wordpress blog, website or social-media, you are welcome to use the FREE IMAGES of since they are published with a FREE LICENSE. All you need to spend is a little time to ask a few questions. FEEL FREE re:blog this posting, RIPP IT, MIX IT, SHARE IT , CARE boud’ IT, where ever you can., you’re welcome to. It’s all about Human Rights and Right to Self Defence for ALL PEOPL, so we provide our txt, analysis, and source links with a CC-NC-BY-SA license for you. Please consider to follow us since we love the FOSS ideology of Richard Stallman, and Open Licenses as much as Creative Commons.

Maybe you already heard about and know what former chief editor Edward Swinton said about The New York Times that is directed by Operation Mockingbird v.X. Unfortunately, MicroSoft NBC, CNN aren’t better with accurate reports. The Bezos WashPo is the latest propaganda outlet directed by Dave Weigel for Amazon founder and 1% Plutocrat Jeff Boldboy Bezos. The video below is quite a long but most interesting conference about the latest updateand what happened, what atrocities been made in the name of the apartheid regime Israel against Gaza.

Since Israel’s IDF is almost entirely a reserve army and troops have to be pulled out of the economy, that’s the archilles heel of the apartheid regime and that’s what the Freedom Fighters of Palestine are fighting against right now. So we can expect that this fight against the oppression of Israel will last longer than all what we have seen before.

The Netanyahu regime has to face cultural sanctions from international well known artists like Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Lauryn Hill, Faithless, Stevie Wonder, Lana Del Ray, Massive Attack, Lorde, Brian Eno, Talib Kweli, Portishead, Lowkey, Elvis Costello and many more. So, their slave patrol aka police was retaliated with the arrest of female DJ Sama Abduhadi in December 2020. The accusations are BS since she wasn’t even speaking out against the apartheid regime, but she got more than just talent. On Tuesday 29 December an Israeli “judge” decided to extend her detention for another 15 additional days with the “reason” that: Techno music is not part of Palestinian heritage!

The injustice is obvious when an old zionist “judge” thinks he knows anything about the youth of another culture. Since it was nothing else than a political arrest, it’s no surprise that more than 100K supporters signed the FREE SAMA petition to release her immediately.

13 thoughts on “Fighting against Apartheid

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, most Israelis have no idea that they’ve been used as aggressors against Arabs much like fucking nazi germany was used against the (lovely) People with Jewish faith. Quite many of them are personal heros of mine like Noam Chomsky, Miko Peled, Gabor Maté and his son Aaron Maté, Max Blumental… and many others who dedicated their life to speak truth to the power.
      but “somehow” most of Israels citizen still refuse to accept that they are “useful idiots” right now, much like “the fuhrer” was back then.

      1. Many Israelis buy into the lie of self-defense…..using F16s against rocks is not self-defense… topic I love the comment by you….”464 word post with 464 comments”….. great and thanx for the fun chuq

      2. Self-defence is part of Nature (not only the Human one) declared in Human Rights. Using exploding ammunition to target heads of civilian protesters (“armed” with stones) — that’s a crime against Humanity! and recording videos of those executions for fun is even worst.

        re 464: i couldn’t let him get away with zionism and tried sarcasm to show him the effects for the host 😉

      3. Human Rights activists need to be inspired by the Free Open-Source Software movement to win the battle of iNet-info-domination. Even when Microsoft can hire thousands of software developers – they can’t hire Millions.

  1. I understand…..I have been targeted in the past…..btw that post of mine got 374 comments….running close to the 464 you predicted……LOL chuq

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Long but very educational post …. sharing!! … “People can see in the video below how DW tries to “equal” both sides totally ignoring that only one side is armed to the teeth by Germany, UK, and the USA. The US supports the regime of Israel with $3.8 billion in military aid, anally! Additional $735 million in weapons been just approved by the Biden administration for Israel amid it’s massacre of civilians in Palestine. On top of that the US blocked three international ceasefire attempts. “

    1. I couldn’t appreciate your reblog and comment more. Thank You, Dr. Rex! i’ve discovered a typo after military aid that i should fix better. While it’s of kind of funny i’d prefer to keep the posting as clean and accurate as possible.

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