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You already have used it – that’s for sure. FOSS is in your Television, Router, Telephone, Car, eBike, Playstation… everywhere. One of the very first Desktop GUI Applications that made public recognition was Open-Office. While in the beginning every single installation was some kind of payback time for frustrated Microsoft Users, there are way more Programs that have the potential to make fun like that. A few well known names are Firefox, WordPress & Apache who made the internet known as it is. All of this goes back on a License &  Kernal known as GNU/Linux. Free for all to use it and to develop it further. Software, Licenses and Standard Technology of Institutes like ISO, ITU, DIN… made our communication what it is today.

“It has always been a strong goal of the JPEG committee that its standards should be implementable in their baseline form without payment of royalty and license fees.”

Some dedicated people invented compressions & containers like JPG (1992), MP3 (MP1 Audio), MV2 (DVD), MV4 (h.264), but none of them is credited for their contributions. Well, there is one exception, but that’s for later. Even when there are patents, the usage of their Software is free of charge. We prefer open Standards & open Software for open Imaging.
When you compare publishing dates of the Applications you might notice that commercial Software is a development of the last Century, while free Open-Source Desktop Software started Y2K and later. Even Apple’s OS-X is based on GPL and FreeBSD and all other Operating Systems released since then are based on GPL/ GNU/Linux, too. Yes, just like Microsoft Azure Sphere OS.

Commercial Software Developments

IT Development – Commercial vs. Open-Source – Infographics

Free & Open-Source Software Developments

Coders may tell you about the Tweety-Paradoxum, but Gimp is also one of it’s own kind. Back in 1996 at Berkeley’s eXperimental Computing Facility Spencer Kimball was using Linux by Linus Torvalds. Driven by the spirit to give something back to the community he coded GNU Image Manipulation Program known as Gimp, while his friend Peter Mattis did the job on the UI with GTK coding. It took two decades for commercial Software to make image editing available for personal computers, Free Open-Source Software came up within 5 years only! While Gimp isn’t the most advanced image editor today, it’s still the first that’s been free for all. The type of bird that fit the most? Roadrunner. No one else made such a fast decision and huge step into the ring, like Kimbal & Mattis did.

“Software is like Sex: it’s better when it’s free.”

said by Linus Torvalds. We would like to add; and it’s true for the Press as well.


Standards are limiting us in our Freedom, but while doing so we make a common base with others and can create Synergy that takes us further. We could draw all kind of letters and arrange them in several ways, but Typography and Language make sure that Information can be understood. There are Standards for Photography (Fogra), Offset print (SWOP, Euroskala), Paper format (DIN, ISO), Television (ITU), Network Communication (W3C) and so on. All those quality standards make sure Sender and Receiver of Information are compatible by their common base.


Based on the well known Y2K problems of a 2-digit date Banks had a lot to pay for the Windows NT based ATM/speed banking machines. Before NT was announced by Microsoft to be discontinued, Deutsche Bank came to the conclusion…

“Chances are that patents on software, common practice in the US and on the brink of being legalised in Europe, in fact stifle innovation. Europe could still alter course.”

Deutsche Bank Research

What we learn out of that Bank yelling and the sub-prime crisis? Well, you might have a Bankster by his balls like Microsoft, but he will find a way to make others pay. Considering this huge financial interest there is a big potential to acquire funds by Banks to make their business work on free Open-Source Software, but… where did Bitcoin came from? One thing is for sure: it’s not been invented for the Federal Reserve Bank or European Central Bank. In the perspective of Microsoft as a Corporation GNU/Linux OS is a serious competitor to MS Windows and a threat for their License business so much, that they used propaganda techniques like Fear Uncertainty and Disinformation (FUD) to scare Users. Strategies so rude to keep their clients oppressed makes Microsoft acting against Freedom, but this is documented in the Halloween Papers. Could be hard to code worst than Microsoft, when you have good intentions.

Art Work in Progress

Switch for open Imaging

When Libre Office was published in 2011 for the very first time, we’ve been still operating on Adobe and spent quite a lot cash for Licenses. This year a great teacher, thinker and motivator died, who inspired us a lot, too: Vera Birkenbihl. Back then we didn’t noticed that, but we’ve made several total surprising Discoveries. We didn’t expected advanced 3D Features to be available for open-source like in commercial products of Adobe, Maxxon, Autodesk or Corel. Then we figured out that best stand-alone 3D Application for GNU/Linux is Blender. Originally created by Ton Roosendaal for the japanese game console company Neo Geo, Blender comes packed with a long Feature list Out-of-the-Box, not optional to purchase as PlugIn or Extention like the usual suspects. To mention only a few Highlights: nurbs, bones, node materials, a real-time render engine (like Octane) named Cycles, a node render compositor, powerful hair & fur functions, Blender Game Environment (BGE), movie sequence editor, 2D-tracking, match moving (3D tracking) and sometimes this tool is already ahead of commercial competitors like Maya & 3Dmax. See Blender EEVEE in action here. Blender has been released as open-source to keep it available, before the company Neo Geo was shut down. In 7 weeks only a 100.000 U$D buyout was crowd-funded, and today Blender is not only used by NASA and Hollywood like for Spiderman 2. We would like to ask Ton what NASA was able to donate to the development of Blender, but have no response so far.

Of course there are other great tool like Darktable and the initiator Johannes Hanika or Matthias Ettrich and his contributions to Krita and several more, but we will focus on them later in detail.

We made the decision to test all of them for a few months and results made us:
Get rid of Adobe, Apple and best of all; Microsoft Licenses!

There is only one more thing

One that we still miss since 2011. The Tool was from the NLE category developed by Macromedia Inc. under the name KeyGrip and later released by Apple — known as Final Cut aka Final Cut Pro & FCP Studio. Unfortunately Apple discontinued the development straight after we bought the license for more than 1.000 U$D. By the way, the amazing film compositing tool Shake that made dozens films nominated for Visual Effect Oscars, it shared the same mysterious death sentence by Apple’s shareholder values. History shows that commercial software disappears when development costs more, than new licences could be sold. So, when the most Users ever work with a Tool, that has less new Users than expected by investors and banksters… the users will have to deal with the s#¡t like we had to.

FOSS on the other hand can stuck as well like Open-Office did, but there will be someone who take the flag as long there is the need of a solution. A new distribution is build quick, like Libre Office for example. Steve Jobs recognised this potential early with his NeXT OS, but he stopped an approach of the ATG for Apple Macintosh OS, when he came back onto the table. Open Doc was discontinued not just because of no commercial software developer supported it, but during replacement of Mac with OSX OpenDoc was something like the Future of Yesterday. We mentioned it in the beginning — FreeBSD is the sourcecode OSX is made out of.

Free BSD – Berkely Software Distribution

This is one of the first Unix / Linux Distributions ever, realized by inspiring Individuals & Characters. We had the same Photography Project in Mind, but Peter Adams Photography was quicker and made some great Portraits. Actually Apple’s Darwin Distribution is based on the FreeBSD Operation System that Richard Stallman archived to be available as GNU/GPL. This was Steve’s way to close the Open Doc gap, and take advantage from the Open-Source contributions for OSX. Much better than Bill Gates’ Company fighting against Linux, but an early capitalistic way to sell free goods. Since MS Azure is a GNU/Linux like OSX the latest Up-Dates for both are maybe directly available from GitHub. We can even remember a non-classified report that supported the use of OSX systems, based on the best Out-of-the-Box Security for the intelligence use. When they say so for their own interest, then this might be true for others as well. Don’t you think so?

Those Hippie Coders changed the World

When the Creators & Contributors of Free Software and Open-Source changed the age of Information Technology, try to think about the IBM strategy of 5 big Processors for the world! Replace the name Mainframe by the popular word cloud and you’ll see how much 1984 we actually have. Microsoft and Google aren’t Big Brother because of those brave People and their contributions for Free Software. Apple was advertised as the saviour, and Steve was part of that Ad campaigns like 1984 and think different. Thanks Steve, for the Ads and inspiration. In reality User Customization is implemented in OSX, but no words about Freedom here. The GUI/GTK of Darwin is way more than a suggestion, isn’t it? Maybe Apple’s definition of Freedom is egoistic? Seem like they are free to take their/yours/our UpDates from the Git, that Linus Torvalds invented before. Those who’ve been working to Save the free World of the digital IT age been others, we know now. Visit Free Software Foundation for more Infos on GPL / Linux and the different Freedoms to use Software.

We have dozen of more Questions, like: When Apple takes only advantage of the free solutions by branding them, what else makes their GUI/GTK worth that much? Why didn’t GUI and Screen Designers joined the Software Revolution yet? Is the intention for Apples Code altering for another reason than the advantage of the company? Do they avoid to pay taxes in Europe, because they do care about their customers and related national markets? What is your experience with Apple Support / Apple “Care”? They don’t care about you, isn’t it? So why do You still pay them for Software that is Free and Open-Source? Imagine Software without 1984 Backdoors without the commercial interest in selling and spying on you. Can’t You approve what Linus Torvalds said?:

“It’s better, when it’s free!”

free Software – free Download Links

Image Editing Gimp, Darktable & Krita
Vector SVG Illustration & Design Inkscape
Publishing Scribus | Writing bibisco | Office Libre |
3D Animation Blender | 2D Animation enve
Video editing Olive | Video compositing Natron

Free to use are DaVinci Resolve of BlackMagic Design to edit Video & Film on a professional Level & Gravit Designer for Vector Illustrations, but those Products are not released as Open-Source. However, you can use them for free and legal according to the License Terms.

Open Imaging – Progress for Freedom

Here we have the best free Software that you can use for your test drive or switch to Open Imaging. All of them are free of charge and most able to run on Linux, OSX and Windows. To support the development it is of course appreciated to donate, but the free model provides you the liberty to decide what you can afford for progress.


When you are a Teacher, who likes to see Students working with legal and professional Software, then you might like to share this Posting with them. You can even use the Timeline Infographic for your lessons, due to the release by creative-commons. When you have a Friend teaching Students, then you might like to share this Posting, too. When you actually are a Student somewhere on this incorporated world, then dare you not sharing this with your friends! Below you find sharing buttons from WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, even Pinterest and Google+ is available. Spread the word and send Liberty.
Your Karma will shine and your friends will be free of Subscriptions for Microsoft, Apple and Adobe products. #FreeYourCampus Yes, it’s that simple to be a CyberPunk and #ResistLicences. Imagine how quick Corel and Adobe could disappear. We dream of a free and creative World, open for all to be a part of it. We dream about a Blender-Style BuyOut of Apple Final Cut Pro (pre X) to be available for free, just like Shake, too. More dreams? AppImage distribution of Libre Office and Natron, but this isn’t going to be our X-Mas list. What are you dreaming about?

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