eMail was invented in 1960’s

as decentralized form of communication eMail Technology was a important part of ArpaNet. Actually it is much older than any Website you’ve ever seen. Stunning isn’t it? When eMail is still the basic technology for contact forms like this one here, why didn’t someone put it onto the next level.

Video Calls

back in the 80’s Ericsson made huge success on archiving Peer-to-Peer video communication, but bandwith vs. compression wasn’t an easy task. Progress on VoIP technology depended on mp3 audio compression of Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG) and “net2phone” as Desktop Software at first. Then Skype took over the market, and Microsoft over Skype. A huge invention in our opinion, but not for first contacts. So straight back to the point.

What happened to eMail 2.0?

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Bay Boy – Beach Radio – Bluetooth Speaker – Power Bank


Privacy & Security

This could become eMail 2.0 like we wrote above. Download, participate and learn about