Sport Image

is nearly all about Highspeed Cameras, pushing them and capturing the good stuff in Frame & Focus. Here you can see a few of the Images we took at Volkswagen in Brunswick, some coastal impressions from Sylt, Fehmarn, Bredene, Grömitz… and of course a few indoor shootings later.

Sports Image Gallery




Point of View

Watersports, Highspeed Downhill Longboarding, Trick-Skateboaring, BMX, Halfpipe, Pumptrack, Ramps, Kite Loops, Grinds, Freeride… you name it — we capture it in up to 1.000 fps. Regardless by FPV or Long Lenses, we have a few views to offer and they are quite popular — even in China.

We have captured Skateboarder, Windsurfer, Longboarder, BMX Rider, Parcour Freerunner, Downhill Athletes, Kite Surfer, classic Surf Dudes n Girls… for the start there are enough Photos to make a Picture of our Sport Images. Don’t you think so? Then you could enjoy watching out Shooting of “Faces behind Longboards” at ISPO.

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