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We Create Your Image for progressive Communication.

Imagination, production and shooting scenarios with big budgets is what we do – and sometimes completely free of charge. Yes, we are different like our Fotos. We write in the Tutorial area, what tools and techniques we use and HowTo do some things by your own. The best is that you can download all of the Software Tools, again – completely free of charge. Feel free to see and enjoy our Photo Portfolio. Our Images are intended to be seen here, not to be pirated. Behave. We have loads of Images in Product Photos as well as People & Portrait Photography and Steet Photography & Urban Imageing. You will find quite a lot Black and White and Landscape Photography of course, more Beachlife, Sport Pictures, News & Editorial. Loads of our early Photographies are still stuffed in CD boxes, somewhere. Subscribe and see them, when we unbox those disks and files.

Since nearly four decades we do Photography for known Clients, Brands & Artists. Studio and On-Set we have a lot of experience in archiving the impossible and will share some of them in Photography Tutorials category at the News Blog.

Name Dropping for Image Reasons.

In that period we had the pleasure to work with & for clients and distributors like ISPO, GQ Magazine, Conde Nast, Stoked Magazine, RWE, Reebok, Daimler, Chrysler, Gruner+Jahr, Süddeutsche Magazin, UNhAIDS, Hines Facilities, Concrete Wave Magazine, Reuters, Michael Schuhmacher Magazin, Homeboy, dpa, Psychologie Heute, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, BEAST Magazine, Zeit Magazin… just to name a few of the well known. More about our Image work for Clients and Partners, you can find here.

Image made in Germany.



We love Photography.

and the passion we care about images is influenced by traditional camera work and darkroom editing. In the early 90’s images have been the key-factor for modern computing and our Seniors started their career back then. Desktop Publishing (DTP) was coming with Drum-Scanners by Linotype Hell, Scitex & Dainippon Screen, Apple Macintosh Quadra, Adobe Photoshop, Aldus PageMaker & Freehand been “expensive” and therefore very exclusive tools. A generation earlier Quantel Paintbox or Silicon Graphics Industries editing systems been UNIX based and investments been way above. A regular Discreet Inferno system was about 450,000 USD when it was introduced. Progress of Information Technology changed a lot and made it affordable to the public. Those DTP systems been a huge price drop for digital image editing and Adobe Photoshop by John Knoll became quick something like a icon & standard.

It took a while for the audience to figure out what this was changing for them, and they started to raising doubts about image credibility. That’s one of the reasons, why we are #NOPS and detailed information about that, you can read in our Philosophy.

We love Open Imaging.

In 2011, still working on Adobe products, we’ve did some research about the progress of Open-Source Applications and made several unexpected Discoveries. Read more in our reports on Software and how Apple took advantage of FOSS to become Top of the markets. We made the decision to do it, like Apple once suggested, and started to think different. There are many, who inspired us to do so, and we started to put some of them in a listing of important Personalities for us, and You. In the report about Open Imaging, you can read how we got rid of Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Indesign… and sent their licenses to def/null.

We love Quality Images.

Nowadays everybody is taking Pictures with (smart) Telephones former known as Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). While even the first of them, known as Apple Newton, supported written words on the display, current PDA’s come with build in wireless data transfer and cameras. Steve Jobs was the one who stopped Larry Tesler when Steve rejoined the company. You might agree, that Cam & Wifi are the reasons for publishing on Instagram, flickr, 500px… is so popular. Larry Tesler did fundamental work for ATG and so for the latest devices. They produce RAW data now by their build in image sensors and not just the fact — also the quality is actually pretty stunning! Not that you can add a serious lens onto, but…

For a Snapshot at High Noon, it’s like the invention of the Colt Revolver. You may not have the range, but with a good belt you can take it everywhere.

We appreciate the liberty of those devices too, even when results been of lower quality for a long time compared to DSLR technology, but…

Some already say things like: “There is no need for…”  and they like to continue with things like those old quality standards SWOP, Euroskala and so on. Those might think their skills are working well for them with low cost, but when it comes to color management, under color reduction, over printing or skeleton black… it’s time to face the truth. Knowledge makes a difference, not faith nor ignorance.


We are #noFilter, but advanced Image Development.

We offer conceptual image creativity and professional 32bit-float colour space, nurb & node environments. Skilled and creative filter arrangements you actually can’t purchase from India for a fivr. We offer serious quality images for serious budgets.


cropped-foto-roto-logo-squarepix.pngWe offer quality images – made in Germany. Our work & quality is accomplished by according to standards of IHK, DIN, FOGRA, ISO, W3C, JPEG and several other organizations. For the case that you are looking for some talented, inspired, and experienced Photographers… this site is made to get in Contact with us and create visual impact for your Business Communication.

If you have a fancy Product and like to test our capacities first, then we can offer you a test drive. In our Open-Source driven mood we started the experimental Product Photography Project Quid pro Quo.