Communication can be private or public

spoken or written — verbal or non-verbal.

While you can view our non-verbal, visual works at IMAGE, you’ll find here ways to use written communication by eMail or lately very popular  via Facebook‘s Messenger.

How to make an impact and cover the scene

Longboard Dancer Carbon Colour-Splash Highspeed Photoshooting red ink drops

Above you can see what Olaf is capable to, only to archive a stunning image. Jucker Hawaii’s visual communication key elements are established with a colourful wave that unites Skateboarders & Surfdudes while the latest carbon Dancer is presented.

We’d love to read about your upcoming Projects

We heard great things coming up at #Hashtag Boards Company, Kaviar Sneakers, Stüssy, Seismic, Karl’s Vans… and we always enjoy to figure out a visual way to communicate your messages. So we are looking forward to the craziest stuff you can come up with. Feel free to test us, but we are willing to archive the impossible for your client communication.

Filetransfer & Networking

We also use Sinal for private and encrypted communication, WeTransfer for deliveries, Dropbox and Google Drive for network documents… but that’s for later. Starting with an eMail isn’t the worst idea.