Portrait Photography | Studio & On Location

A few Images that we took for Reports, Campaigns, Editorial, Flyer, Poster, Advertising, Promotion… etc. Here to be seen and of course, to give some additional Reasons to realize upcoming Projects with us, and our way to see: You.

People & Personalities

Portrait & People Photography with Actors, Artists, Founders, Inventors, Models, Athletes, Musicians, Sport & Pop / Rock / HipHop Stars and many other interesting Characters is thrilling, makes much of Stoke and is one of our favourite Challenges. In the perfect Situation it is no more about Light, Shutter, Exposure, Focus, RAW or ISO — this is kind of Pre Production. When we make Photos we try to avoid the impression of hustling work. Our approach on People Photography is a respectful Conversation and Exchange of informations while we make Pictures. Any Expression in the Face of the Person in front of the lens is most important then, but when they feel comfortable and enjoy the moment — You can see it, but finding words for this effects is difficult for visual driven ones like us. We will come up with a more detailed Philosophy on that later. Follow us on WordPress Reader or RSS. Just to make sure you won’t miss it.

Black and White Portraits

During ISPO we had the pleasure to get a few worldclass Athletes, Sport Heros, Celebrities and Talents in front of the lens, to make a Black and White Portrait Series that we named Faces behind Longboarding.

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