Winter in Berlin

When Winder gone cold in 2016 and even delivery services parked directly in the audience, this had to be answered by a christian death sentence. Hadn’t it? We aren’t into News, but when we focus on news maker — then news are part of our work, too. It’s not that rare that we focus on terror, but usually we aren’t that close.

Honeybread Attack

We’ve uploaded an image series the day after on Pixabay. But there is only the one with the news reporter left in front of berlin memorial church to download for free. The rest wasn’t accepted by under qualified quality rating pixabay users. A few of them you can see here at least. The reporter we took a picture from published the image right here at Justitonotario Website.

Demonstration versus Democracy

in a society that prefers it own security over freedom of others, disregarding that all people are equal in rights, have to create enemies to build their community. to make enemies is just the opening – as long as your citizens aren’t scared the glue isn’t strong enough.

is it democratic reasonable acting, if guards of the democracy think: unrighteous acts could be out-sourced and limiting itself on strategy & financials could legitimate any of those. Federal authorities can deal with criminals, like the germans did, when it comes to IT intel about Tax fraud, but who is observing those illegal operations? How good the governance of our NATO allied’s actually is, may show the Dooms Day watch in a single image only.

Happy Holidays & Happy Hanuka, fröhliche Weihnachten…

Merry X-Mas! 2018, 2019…

In german you say “war” for “past” and “menschlich bleiben” for “stay human”.
Why not think about that?

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