Costal Impressions – Fehmarn

Costal Impressions in Black & White

Here you can see a few Photos that we took at the island of Fehmarn and get some of the coastal impressions in Black & White where Jimi Hendrix played his last concert.

Island in the Baltic Sea – Fehmarn

some of our Photographers been made in the “Summer of Love”. Only a few month’s after Woodstock there should be a german answer full of Love+Peace and as location the west german island of Fehmarn seemed to be perfect.

FeldwegCloud Wave

aligned sunset perspective during a massive cloud wave roll-over. This phenomenal moment happened only a few moments before sundown on the horizon of the Baltic sea. When the sun reappeared below this massive cloud system then lensflare was so intense, so the shot was taken as HDR aka hyper dynamic range image. Using RAW we could reduce typical effects compared with regular dynamic range Smartography.

Arne Jacobsen

Reflection & shadows on the baltic sea in front of Sund-Bridge. Arne Jacobsen’s ensemble at the south beach of the island.

We work alongside with the operators of Fehmarn-Website when it comes to special requests, and we are pleased that our work is so appreciated by them and their audience.

Here you can find a few of our Black and White images, that we’ve been able to take
at Schwarz-Weiß Fehmarn Gallery.

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