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Yes, we are still on Facebook, but we don’t consider it for as it’s name. Mark Zuckerbergs Network is “social” like the Pentagon is a “defence” (defense LOL) operation. We still appreciate the Network services and use them for all kind of modern communication. When it comes to social, we can only support this alternative to that, what Zuckerberg had done do “social”. The goals and strategies of Human Connection is actually way above “humanity”, in the original meaning of social, it is nothing else than.

Human Connection
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Love & Peace — Solidarity & Humanity

“When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power the World will know Peace.”

Jimmy Hendrix

Purple Haze for Jimmy Hendrix is as trippy as the Pop Art Video. Ashesh Nekhvam performed it to honour Jimmy at Fehmarn, where Hendrix had his last Concert.