Resistance in Germany

The US authorities jailed kids for not doing their online homework. Other parents and their children are separated and put in cages, but the government of Angela Merkel isn’t much better.

ARD & ZDF TV ignored critical voices since the first lockdown because of their non-independent state TV status. So laywer Markus Haintz was glad to talk about the injustice of family separations in germany by RT.

Since the german Heinsberg Study shows that COVID-19 might not be fatal as previously thought, there is a

German Resistance

Before the Protest Demonstrations became so popular and huge, the medical laywer Beate Bahner made a request to stop the attacks against the liberty and democratic laws granted in the german constitution. In a totalitarian response by the authorities Beate Bahners website was taken down and she was put in a mental facility with the goal to discredit her and shut her up for “good”. None of that was successful since she is a brave individual and didn’t obey their orders like you can see in this video.

Here you can’t just see the violent arrest of Markus Haintz & Friederike Pfeiffer-de Bruin, but what happened beforehand.

This is how brutal Gestapo arrests must have been like, but not even the secret state police in Nazi germany was effective like those in the aftermath of this protest. A few independent news outlets reported about his arrest like GlobalResearch in Montreal, Canada. KenFM published an interview with Markus Haintz at YouTube, but since it was censored two hours later by Google it’s only available here. Visit Anwälte für Aufklärung for more details.

German state TV didn’t, but Sputnik streamed the entire protest demonstration like RT covered the protests in Britain.

The term “CoViD sceptics” is wrong like Stalin was when he said

“There won’t be a revolution in Germany, because you would have to trespass and step onto grass.”

— Joseph Stalin

Most of the people are better informed than by state TV only. They gathered in opposition of a “second wave” lock down since their jobs and existence are endangered.

The reporter Boris Reitschuster streamed the “aftermath” and mentioned that those mass arrests have more in common with Belarus than what he has ever seen in krautistan.

As you can see in the video krautpolice don’t care about their own masks since their commanders most likely know the WHO study and how it’s flawed.

The Danish study debunked the WHO propaganda publication, but the Lancet magazine refused to publish it. Visit TCTT News or Swiss Policy Research for more details.

Medical Doctor Heiko Schöning was denied to see the victims Friederike Pfeiffer-de Bruin and lawyer Markus Haintz. End of May Dr. Heiko Schöning announced the foundation of ACU2020 in front of an audience of 5.000 people.

A month earlier Dr. Heiko Schöning was arrested himself at the speakers corner in Londons Hyde Park, after his speech at Trafalgar Square was interrupted by the police.

Learn more about the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigative Commission (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss)

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why face masks do more harm than good.

BioImpacts published a report about the Iranian bromhexine covid trial that managed to reduce intensive care by 82% and deaths by 100%. The product name Bisolvon is used in Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Even Sky News Australia reported that Politicians ‘don’t have the guts to admit COVID-19 was exaggerated’, but not German MSM.

Medical Doctors for Enlightenment (Ärzte für Aufklärung) is a group of more than 700 german Doctors giving advice on the SARS-2 virus.

Michel Chossudovsky made a critical analysis of the CoViD-19 stats at GlobalResearch

There is no doubts that we have a new order in 2020 and it’s a global one also known as “NWO”. The Corbett Report took a closer look

The moment all people stop watching MSM TV the dangerous virus is contained.

7 thoughts on “Resistance in Germany

  1. It is refreshing to see the perspective…..we get very little here….I am reaching a point of saturation with the news (a post later on IST)… well chuq

    1. Thank You!!! MSNBCIA news are designed to work on us like that. It’s sometimes hard to reject them, but imho we can’t let Operation Mockingbird be successful.

      1. THANK YOU! for bringing him up to my attention. Obviously i missed him and his prediction. I’ll catch up soon 🙂

  2. Obviously, the corporation behind Youtube is censoring huge amounts of videos that don’t fit into the official narrative. So it is neccessary to drop Youtube as video provider and move on to alternatives like, Bitchute, Dtube, Peertube…

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