On important historical images that we’ve been brought, we apply our image magic. To be honest our specialists remove dust, scratches, adjust over/under exposed areas, remove finger prints and recover image dynamics & contrast to get rid of the aged vintage look.

The image of the Fehmarn Sund-Bridge during the construction was taken 1962 with a Vogtlaender camera. The Photo print has been seen and held by numerous people. Time went by and the nearly forgotten image was rediscovered in Social-Networks, but in poor quality. For we took hands on a high resolution scan and been able to remove visual results of useage completely.

image restoration - dust - scratch - finger print removal

Apple Mac Team Photos

The black and white photos been kind of lost for the last 40 years. They have been recovered from an EPROM built in a Apple Mac SE. Since Apples highest colour depth was 1bit for quite some time, the SE model was one of them. The recovered pictures had no shades of grey and detail recovery wasn’t easy with that little information we had available