Conversation with a “white supremacist”

There are citizens of the USA with low humour, low empathy, low education, low melanin, and low IQ’s who mock other US citizens rich of melanin, empathy, solidarity… and their BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, because they are scared of repercussions. We do understand that “white” US Americans are scared since “their” predecessors been the slave holders and oppressors for over 400 years much like apartheid. Slavery started 1619 in the divided states of America, but the illiterate “white” population aka “white trash” rejects science, history and the 1619 project of The New York Times. They hear “Make America Great Again” and their mind goes on with something like: “for real patriots like me” (+who supports the minute man and other US troops) sometimes even further like de-humanising propaganda terms like aliens, reptiles, “not those n#####’#!” and sometimes worst.

The Ku Klux Klan, Combat-18, Proud Boys, … and many more terror organisations are active and packed with violent supporters of both “white supremacy” and “christianity”. Most of those christian white militia and former soldiers are men, but US nazi men are nothing without their US nazi wifes. One of those middle-aged female supporters of “white supremacy” is allegedly living in the village of Prescott, Arizona. She is using WordPress to spread US American MAGA HAT(e) speech worldwide, and we thought that’s worth a comment or two. We’ve been writing with her about one of her anti BLM hate speech videos because she thinks that Black Lives Matter means “Only Black Lives Matter”, but that’s wrong like “All Jews support the Genocide in Palestine”. Let’s call her AsheDina not Pauline D. since she made her own experience with racism in the divided states of america. Even when she has Cherokee predecessors she considers herself as white and wrote things against melanin rich people:

“God Is AGAINST #BLM: “Black Lives Matter” Any movement that makes people BOW on their knees is anti God. End of story.”

— AsheDina

Obviously she wanted to end the story after she made her point and wasn’t interested in any other perspective, but the comment function was open and invited us with “Try to be a little polite. Thx.” That was unexpected, but very welcome. So we tried to be polite even when it was hard in the beginning, but read our communication for yourself…

FOTOROTO: According to the book of Enoch God said to Jesus: Free Speech, even when it’s made by home schooled uneducated trailer park white trash isn’t more important than any other live on earth. Especially when melanin poor morons consider my beautiful blue planet as flat! Then God continued his rant: Those who decide to be uneducated fascists shall die by brain cancer! Amen

AsheDina: Yeah, that made about as much sense as a wet fart

FOTOROTO: LOL Unfortunately i could predict that you won’t be able to understand the comment since you need to pretend knowing about faith and religion. however, i pray for you and your health like ken copeland.

AsheDina: I saw this video. Kinda funny. whats wrong with you? Someone piss in your cornflakes?

FOTOROTO: You are too funny. No it’s more your disability of empathy and that you have the guts to build a showcase for that here at wp. THAAATS FUNNY like hell.
Seriously? I was prepared for a mental battle with you, but you can only offer your pissed cornflakes? That’s evidence for your low performance and that you couldn’t afford stanford education. I’m sorry and pray for you to get well soon.

AsheDina: Why should I ‘mental battle’ with a fool? A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. Proverbs 18:2
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Proverbs 26:4

FOTOROTO: LOLOL please stop it! it’s hilarious, but my facial muscles hurt already. 😀 YOU’ve been “expressing his opinion” by posting this “God is AGAINST BLM” Nazi bullshit. When morons are confronted to recognized their real character, they have only one thing in mind: RUN! LOLOLOL

AsheDina: God hates the BLM. They’re violent psychos. Run from what? There is nothing to say about it. All I have to do is watch the BLM looting, rioting and burning cities. They do this bcz they think the cops are ‘targeting’ blacks. Garbage. Horseshit somebody else

FOTOROTO: According to the region were Jesus was born he was a black man. How could God hate his own son? You just play that illiterate to keep me entertained, don’t you? No sane person could write such hilarious ignorant posts. LOLOL Why can’t you be serious about the killing of US citizens? It’s funny, but looks like your IQ is way below under DJT. ROFLMAO
Do you have a single black friend, or is all just the American Eugenic Society propaganda BS that you’re spreading?

AsheDina: The ‘killing of US citizens’ Blacks in USA kill eachother all the time Yes, I do. His name is Joe. He is a baker. Not just a baker—but a fabulous baker. In fact, he treated me better than almost anyone Ive ever known. Why? Why is his skin so important to you?

Then she blocked our comments for a while

After she asked the question above she was obviously not interested in our response and ran away until we published this posting. That’s why we continue to publish here about her.

FOTOROTO: What did your baker say about that?

AsheDina: My friend is not for: *statues being torn down*he says Floyd was a drug abuser. Later. Bye.

(She censored this comment at her blog)
FOTOROTO: I haven’t found the like of the mentioned baker of yours under your hate speech posting. Are you serious that he considers YOU as his friend, or is it just an imaginary friend that you’ve made up in your last question?
Can’t you see that calling for hostile take-overs is considered a sin, hate speech and a criminal act. Can’t you see how urgent it is for you to educate yourself since your God wants people like you to burn in hell?!

FOTOROTO: sorry for the old news, but seems like you missed a few things in the past.

AsheDina: Nah. I dont think so. Just bcz I know God hates BLM doesnt mean he hates those who are ignorant about Communists.
I live in 2020. I dont live in, say… 1920. When the Bolsheviks were murdering Christians and Jews. I live in the here and now. I dont live in the past, robbing the people of times past of their being real victims. Victimhood aint my gig, sugar.

FOTOROTO: yeah! of course it is much easier for shallow minds to ignore history when their predecessors been the slave holders.
YOU live in the here and now, where US citizens and protesters are shot by the slave patrol aka police. YOUR ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? YOU prefer to ignore history since you couldn’t afford a good teacher to inspire you, don’t you? YOU live in “the land of the free” that was build on the absence of Freedom due to slave trade. YOUR missing capacity to own your dark history is evidence that YOU support those US nazi eugenics. YOU aren’t a victim! since YOU support perpetrators YOU are complicit and YOUR god will burn YOU in hell.

AsheDina: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “My” dark history? Lol. I dont have a dark history. Just a small town girl with no slaves on Long Island– raking the leaves and shoveling the snow, no slaves. Half of my family were poor peasants in the Azores who were kicked out of Spain for being Jews during the inquisition. The other half of my family are Native American.
My Grandfather fought the Nazis in WW2 and smuggled fellow Jewish people. Nice try though! Get lost. You’re just indoctrinated with Commie crap. PS: God still hates BLM 😀

FOTOROTO: WOW that contradiction is a surprise!
seriously, i’m sorry that your spanish family was poor based on the systemic inequality of feudalism. that was set up to keep your predecessors as wage slaves. how comes that you support feudalism V2.0 today? to be kicked out of spain only because their parents had a different god than other people is even worst. that’s racism in the name of god. how can you justify as christian to kill people with another god? can’t you see the similarities with your predecessors? i’m glad that your native american half of the family wasn’t killed by white supremacist settlers. how comes that you with your native american heritage can reject the evidence for racial profiling? imho you and 99% of US americans deserve better than what capitalism has to offer at it’s “best”.

FOTOROTO: ps: you nearly earned a like for your mixed heritage and the brave smuggling of pursued people by your grandfather, but you ruined it in the end. your claim that “God hates BLM” is nothing else but a funny expression of your disorientation as long as you can’t provide evidence.
on the other hand i have to agree with you on “Any movement that makes people BOW on their knees is anti” human. — (funda)mental DJT fanatics always bow their knees to express their wish talking to the manager. here you have the evidence.

AsheDina: Capitalism? Look, Ive always worked like a dog for anything I had. And, anything I bought, I took care of bcz I was proud of working for it. People take care of things THEY work for. When it is given to people, they don’t give a shit about it and thats a fact. Crony Capitalism is evil and so is greed. Its not ‘good’ no matter what anyone says just as gluttony is no good.

I was an athlete as a younger chick and ran like the wind, pitched baseball (NOT softball) like a man, I could throw that baseball 30% farther than any young man. I was a physical fighter also because I lived in an ALL white/blonde, blue/green eyed town with FEW Italians and the white/blondes were REAL racists, not the ones that ya’all cry about: Like the cyber Andrew Anglin douche bags.. I have fought ALL of them: Richard Spencer, David Duke, you name it. I hate them as much as I hate Communists–NO tyrants welcome. Before those GAB Mother F’ckers murdered 11 Jews in Philly, me and 2 others were fighting them, DAY AND NIGHT on Gab. Up to the night Bowers murdered them – This is my story.

The FBI contacted me on several occasions and they confiscated my whole list of the Neo Nazis I had in the group I had called: “Pussies on Gab” Onward to my little Democrat RACIST town: When the FIRST black family moved into our neighborhood, they were Christian. The assholes burned their house down at closing. True story. It was a heart wrenching story and it happened in Democrat Long Island BY Democrat Leftists.
So, I had to be a tough kid because the nasties traveled in packs and picked on minority TYPE kids like me: Portuguese and Native. I am a very dark complected lady. My Grandmother, a very dark Portuguese woman married my very white Scottish Grandfather. You can imagine what my Grandmother went through. “You married a Nigger Portugee” (My Great Grandfather)

However, I have been beaten by black girls, 3 of them (with sticks) as they screamed; “WHITE BITCH”. I was beaten merely based on the assumption that I was just another ‘white chick’. Beaten for supposed SKIN color–that is racist.
Ive been robbed by black people as well. In ALL of this, I wish black people NO harm. Black people are in my life and I love them because they are GOOD people. I didnt make friends with them just BECAUSE of their skin. I love them as PEOPLE who have nice characters and are ethical.
I do not support BLM because it is founded by Marxists. I deplore Marxists. I deplore THEIR racism I have seen against whites. Racism is not right in ANY form. To hate people merely because of their skin color is just wrong. I know this because I dont ‘look’ like the American ‘girl next door’. And was baited on as a kid, called: “Pork N Cheese’ LOL. I didnt really give a shit though. LOL A little nationality baiting was fun. Who cares if it is in jest.

NOW, if BLM was for EVERYBODY being bullied by the cops, I would join. But since it is blacks and ONLY for black lives–forget it. Because just like white racists like the KKK, they will become violent and I will have NO part of it. No, my Native side of my family didnt get killed by the Union army. My family were fighters. My father, who is Native was a champion fighter. He was a very, very light Native. People had NO idea what they come up against if they started with him.

‘how comes that you support feudalism V2.0 today? to be kicked out of spain only because their parents had a different god than other people is even worst. that’s racism in the name of god. how can you justify as christian to kill people with another god? can’t you see the similarities with your predecessors?
Dude, I dont. I dont run with crowds, YOU do. I am an INDIVIDUAL. I am a natural born leader type. I wont join a club. Im not Dem, Im not Repub, Im Independent. I fight for me. In the end, NOBODY stands by you.

FOTOROTO: even if i have to disagree with you on several points and will add arguments and links for you below — with your last comment you’ve earned a like.
i do appreciate that you identify yourself as independent, but what are evangelical christians if not a crowd (that accepts KKK members) that you’re running with? YES i do run with my friends regardless of their skin colour and i’m proud to stand by them! they aren’t in an organisation that lynched and killed light skinned people. (funda)mental christians like byron de la beckwith did! how can you ignore that with your predecessors?

since you even deny racial profiling while AIPAC supports IDF war crimes against my friends in palestine, you obviously don’t know that those police tactics are imported in the US coming from israel. this “god” you believe in blessed you for that ignorance, didn’t he?

i’m sorry that you’ve been a target of racism from both sides since i’ve made similar experiences. however, it looks like you can’t understand that 400 years of racism against black and brown people in and by YOUR country against US citizens and Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela,… and last year in Bolivia

if Black Lives Matter would be for melanin rich people only wouldn’t it be named “Only Black Lives Matter”? since it’s not and you’ve got that soo wrong, you most likely can’t understand why there are so many people worldwide fighting for the rights of black people against the racism in the divided states of america.

i do appreciate that you identify yourself as independent, but you don’t understand that the more YOU fight for others, the more they fight for YOU. it’s called solidarity and socialism, but it’s badmouthed as “communism” in north america by US propaganda (pr specialists like edward bernays, burson-marstellar, H+K strategies…) to keep the status quo of crony capitalism for the bezos-gates-kochs-zuckerbergs-rockefellers.

AsheDina: I have been fighting for people my whole entire life. Nope. NOBODY fights for YOU in the end. You’ll find out.
Re. Palestine: I dont care. Im sick of hearing about them.
Re. America — America has not been in existence for 400 years.
Everyone has experienced racism and other forms of bigotry. Nobody is exempt of this.

(this comment was censored by her again)
FOTOROTO: i’m blessed since i’ve found out that soo many people do fight and care for me. however, it’s sad to read that nobody wants to fight for YOU. maybe the reason isn’t their ignorance, but YOURS? maybe your baker could start to like YOU and your postings if you could stop being that racist and selfish?

america exists much longer than 400 years since america is a continent, not a nation. why don’t you start to build borders for your ignorance and bridges for immigrants and refugees? obviously YOUR nation and government created those refugees with YOUR wars against sovereign countries and YOUR coup d’etats against democracies.

“I dont care. Im sick of hearing about them.” — looks like the reason that nobody cares about you is that YOU care about only yourself, not about other people. maybe YOU should stop to blame them for YOUR ignorance, change YOUR attitude and give them a chance to return the favour.

i pray for you to get well soon, because otherwise you will burn in the hell of the white dude with the white beard on the white cloud in your white head that pretends to love your white ideology.

(while this comment was auto-approved she deleted it later)
FOTOROTO: looks like you can understand that you are the clown that called me a fool 😀 since you are censoring my answers. nationalists & breitbart readers like you intentionally miss-understand the concept of free speech since you are only interested in your own perspective. while i can tolerate that level of ignorance with kids, you are an old woman that should be able to act like an adult. shame on you!

Obviously, she pretends to know that “god hates BLM” without providing literature that her god said something like that, nor she had any evidence for his existence. That’s how she outed herself as creationist and neo-conzi. Not the neo-con George W. Bush 100% war monger, but as 38% part-time “ANTI war” party dependent and (funda)mental monger 100% patridiot. In her blog she writes about G.W. Bush and her hate for him but not against his war crimes, since he was way too liberal for her ultra nationalistic perspective. Somehow she had to learn quite a few hard lessons about the nation that she is so proud of, and it was obviously so humiliating for herself that she used censorship to keep the conversation under “control”. Obviously, krauts know how to counter this censorship and more about the USA history than she does. So AsheDina changed “Try to be a little polite. Thx.” into something more accurate “This website is not a Democracy. Its a Monarchy, And, Im the Queen here.”

While she posted firearms in her header picture she is unarmed when it comes to mental duels like this. So she finally ran away since her Comments are closed now.

One more thing AsheDina. Since you have no idea who Gustav Klimt was, i need to tell you that he wasn’t a racist like you. He supported all people to have healthcare and education, even haters like you.

Gustav Klimt versus Coco Chanel
Copyright Violation by AsheDina aka

However, since you have no respect for his art he might have made an exception for you. Seriously, how dare you?! Publishing a visual mashup of Klimt’s painting “the dancer” (expectation) with added company logos of the Nazi spy & fascist supporter Coco Chanel is disgusting, evidence for your ignorance and more than just bad taste.

Go cry more tears AsheDina since You are the Anti-Christ for posting Black face propaganda and call for hostility in the USA, shame on you! That’s why Twitter banned you three times! To educate yourself a little you could start learning about the lack of “creativity” in the (oc)cult you believe to be real. You are free to ignore that they burned witches like you not so long ago.

US soldiers killed Gustav Klimt 1918 with the influenza virus. Thanks to US propaganda the pandemic is known as “Spanish Flu” even when the first outbreak was in a dirty overcrowded US military camp. Most likely he preferred to die before US Nazis been able to support Adolf Hitler’s coup d’etat against the Republic of Weimar. Without support of IBM the genocide of Homosexuals, Roma, Sinti, Jews, and communists in concentration camps was impossible to keep under control. Allegedly “christians” like you AsheDina, but in reality US oligarchs, war mongers, and Anti-Christs used false-flag attacks at Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbour, only to conspire against international law and sovereign nations. Allegedly MS Lusitania was a cruising ship only, but US bankster JP Morgan shipped ammunition that caused the sinking of MS Lusitania after a single torpedo hit. Here is a lot of information available about the USA war crime of WW1

18 thoughts on “Conversation with a “white supremacist”

  1. I will now say goodbye to you.

    Nobody will fight for you. Thats the facts about life.
    You have only found ‘friends’ fighting to destroy.
    You have destruction in common because youre devils.

    However, the destroyers of countries will burn in hell for you are destroying Gods earth as you cry about the environment.
    You call everyone nazis and racists as you want death to white skinned humans or anyone not a supposed ‘minority’.
    Youve turned into the monster you cry about.
    Youre the fascist nazi, projecting your murderous accusations on anyone not agreeing.

    Repent, turn away from destruction and turn to God.
    Before its too late.

    1. unfortunately, YOU didn’t understand life, like the schoolteacher of john lennon. that’s why YOUR life is miserable, not mine. the gov that YOU support is hydro-fracking and starts dozens of wars for oil since WW1. YOUR nation and nationalism created monsters like j. robert oppenheimer. since YOU still support that ideology of war YOU should recognize what YOU are: “now i am become death, the destroyer of worlds”

      it’s hilarious that YOU are calling me a nazi 😀 while YOUR gov supported cruel dictators like saddam hussein, manuel noriega, mohammad reza pahlavi, adolf hitler, (and many more) against sovereign democracies! unlike YOU, i haven’t called for hostility or said anything racist. it was well documented in your own blog and now it’s here for the entire world to read.

      “i disapprove of what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it”
      — evelyn beatrice hall

      obviously YOU are the fool that failed and is running away again. so i would like to suggest you spend the next vacation at sana behavioral hospital, 181 whipple st, prescott. maybe they can help you reconsider if YOU stop being that ignorant.

    1. Nachdem die Elefantenherde hier schon länger so rumsteht dachte ich es ist ganz sinnvoll die Farbe in den Töpfen dazu zu verwenden die Tiere auch mal mit ihrem Namen zu benennen/bemalen. Der Plan war erstmal von der Route 666 runter und dann Richtung Pfad der Aufrichtigkeit.

      Ein weiser Mann sagte mal: “If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth”

  2. I love this post. Lol

    I kicked you off for really one reason:
    You accused me of being a neo con, (which is a war mongering lunatic) here in USSA.
    I am ANTI war, you doof!!!!!
    Im NO ‘ra ra ra’ Trump moonbat either.
    He’s just a human.
    I dont like our Presidents and I dont hate them.

    I was one of the ONLY bloggers in conservative circles on the blogo-sphere that stood against McCain & OBAMA’s proxy wars in:
    and a half a dozen South American countries.

    You’re just a name calling, little schtup.

    Im TOO OLD to put up with small minded dummies who insist on coming to MY blog and calling me ‘nazi, fascist’ and all that other shit.

    Im a middle aged housewife. The only ‘fascism’ around here is keeping the cleaning agents (ajax) in their place.

    Nice try.

    If you want to come back, you’ll stop with the playground name calling lunacy.

    1. you don’t seriously think that you are ANTI war if you ignore to write against more than 50% of all US wars?

      please stop to punch me with your lies, because next time i’m going to spit beer!
      (out of my nose)

    1. You are more than welcome chuq! I hope you know how much i appreciate your perspectives & contents.
      He exposed himself as a fundamental religious, rightwing supporter of apartheid and war crimes. I just had to trigger him a little.

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