Quid pro Quo

When we can save money on Software with Open-Source, why shouldn’t have our Clients some advantages as well? Yeah, this project was a brainer and after several brainstormings it turned out to be so simple. So we start here this

Experimental Project

and open-scource like approach on Pictures & Payment in the age of creative-commons.

Here is the idea…

Quid-pro-Quo-Idea-Handshake-Concept-Product-PhotographyWe would like to invite Producer’s of beautiful, extravagant, strange, weird and innovative Products, to send us Production Samples or Prototypes. We will make pictures and test your Products, regardless if it is an Android Pad, Smartphone Case, Camera or TV System, Tent, Hair Trimmer, Helicopter, Bag or Beverage.

Here you can see Product Photos, that we’ve made for other Clients.

Quid pro Quo.

Your Product Photos for free!

Prepare your eMail account for many Pictures. If we appreciate your Product more — we will pay more attention and passion into it. If you like the Photos to contain more than one piece, send more. It’s that easy. When your Product is the latest Shit, then expect our Pictures to correlate this. We don’t “photoshop” these Photos or manipulated them! We prefer to keep our and your image, free of those cheap tricks. You will receive our creditable & creative Photos digital with a pdf-format License, to use them for your image needs.

Fucking Hell! — Free of Charge

Fucking Hell – Beer – premium – Product – Photography

No need for Paypal, Bitcoin, Dollar, Yen or Euro currency. No need to pay us! In this experimental FOTO ROTO project — we will work for free! Conditions for this project to take place, are as simple as possible.

You send, we keep. * We send, You keep.


Let’s get the Quid pro Quo Thing started. Submit your Product for Free!

ADO Trucks lightweight CNC-Trucks Downhill Longboard Silver



Other Projects

if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. -Red Adair

If you have any expectations, wishes, suggestions on the image results or FOTOROTO, then it is a different Project and can not be part of this FOTOROTO – Quid pro Quo – Project. Neithertheless write us about, and we’ll be glad to come up with another model for you. When you are selling digital Assets and Services, then we can suggest the pre-visualization Pro’s of jHD * VISION for your image needs.

We won’t keep all the Products. * We will sell some of them later, and donate the generated bucks for further development of Free Open-Source Software.



When you really like a Product with damn ugly Product Photos, then you might like to share this experimental Product-Photo Project with the Producer. This Project is an Opportunity for Producers without any Risk, and the result of a good Image at least. So much winners! Isn’t it? If you are a Producer and need some good Photos, then we suggest you not to use the sharing functions below in your groups. Better Private Messages PM or keep this Top-Secret. It’s up to you, but would be nice to leave at least a WordPress Like, when you like our Photos or Ideas.