Faces behind Longboards

Longboard-Embassy.de | ISPO | Ministry of Stoke

Faces behind Longboards

We had the pleasure to capture the Stoke

at this annual Sports Event & Family Meeting of the Athletes, Brands, Consultants, Designers, Models, Producers & Traders. As whole Hall, Boardsports are represented at ISPO, and Longboard-Embassy made possible by Ministry of Stoke and Messegesellschaft München, is an important part of the international Awareness. They hired us to take a few images of the Sport Personalities during ISPO 2016 in Munich, spontaneously. Since the opportunity was a surprise, there was no time or place to prepare the environment.

Daniel Gesmer, Jerry Madrid, Michael Brooke, Alex Dehmel…

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FOTOs by FOTOROTO | DoP Greg | Assistance Luca | Light Walimex | Rig MunichMash


Portrait Situation

Regardless the difficult circumstances, we don’t like to extract People by Post-Production or Photoshop when there are better options. So we decided to do it On-Location. Did we mention that we are #NOPS before? Think so. However, limited to a single Softbox and the Superpowers of Pro-Photographers: Creativity & Gaffa Tape, we used some black Molton as background. 40 inch Longboardmagazin.de reported about the Event, and publishing our Photos made them seen and recognized, world wide. Thank you, Alex! (You know who you are. 😀 ) Feedback on this Shooting was amazing, and makes us trust in creating Scenarios, great Situations and beautiful Images of beautiful People. Needless to write — nevertheless we do. We love the images nearly as much, as the Persons they represent.

“To make a good Image you always need the technical side of Photography, but a Picture taken in a great Situation tend to be a great Picture.”

Unfortunately the generated RAW data is still locked on a grumpy Harddisk, without granting access. We are Photographers, not Hackers, and sometimes not that professional, like we could. Sorry. Guess we aren’t perfect Roboter’s, only german Humanoids. But we hope to continue this series at the next ISPO. Follow our Blog, or fb-Site to stay stoked. stay tuned.

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