Topography of Terror

Remind the Gap – remind the Wall. While the government of the USA is going to build a new, biig Wall that will divide the people of America, the former divided city Berlin became one again over the last three decades, nearly.

While the effects of the Cold war and Iron Curtain are still splitting up citizens on payroll and mindset, the concrete Berlin Wall nearly disappeared. The latest interest in Walls was a topic in our previous posting “Tear down the Wall“, but this time we can add the museum video tour for the

Topography of Terror

Seems like our black & white photographies are working great to represent museums like “Topography of Terror” in Berlin. That’s actually great news, since we appreciate the work of those institutions. While the Terror Nazi Museum is funded by the German state, we like to support the independent and even better…

Berlin Story

You should visit the official Berlin Story Museum to learn more about the historic effects of nationalism in Germany. Visitors like the BBC said about Berlin Story: „The most extensive research“, while the Times had to mention: „800 images that have not been shown in public before. World’s largest permanent exhibition on Hitler and the Third Reich“. We appreciate the conclusion by Voice of America that was inspired by the Berlin Story, not the Milgram experiment:

„Germans followed Hitler because he promised to make Germany great again“

— Voice of America

Our Berlin – Our Perspective

European Athletics used our black and white image in 2018 for their Berlin Manual.

On the other hand Topography of Terror and the Stasi Prison are very interesting as well.

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