Operation Final Propaganda

When you need to modify the perceived image of your brand or country, then you will prefer to use non-violent PsyOps missions to change it. We wrote about the origin of Propaganda and Advertising tactics to create consent of citizens, even before the latest arte TV documentary. While both focussed on Edward Bernays, arte lost track when it comes to FRG related NATO & SAVAK support of former Nazi-Propaganda specialist Eberhard Taubert. We went even further with the Milgram Experiment, that was initiated three months after the Adolf Eichmann Trial started in Jerusalem.

What we didn’t covered then, was how important images are for propaganda. In particular what only Cinema was able to, like Charly Chaplin did with “The Great Dictator” and Leni Riefenstahl with “Triumph of the Will”. The cinema based Wochenschau was part of the common Propaganda in the days of Nazi Germany. This posting might change the perception of the American cinema brand


The shiny world in front of the camera, isn’t the same shared by all others in reality. We know, that you know, that this is just a fantasy. Unfortunately most can’t see the strings they are played with, but Propaganda is based on.

When #METOO made viral and media attention, it was just a question of time to see dinosaurs like Harvey Weinstein been called out. That ongoing cleaning process is urgently needed, but focussed on the sexual harassment only. The film funding process is corrupted by design like the story telling is often directly linked with political propaganda. That’s not good government for a democracy, isn’t it? But there is even more to care about. The attention that some actors receive, can pay out in a politics career. Just image how much money you will save in a campaign, when the new product is already known. Well, that’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan share, and Sex and the City Star Cynthia Nixon is running for New York Governor currently. It’s more than a bonus if you can work facing cameras, the moment you’ve been nominated as a candidate. Some may thought this have to be true for TV Showhost as well. Well, in 2018 we can say based on experience: They’ve been wrong, at least for the Apprentice.

What Donald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger shared with Richard Nixon and Stanley Kubrick was international TV News in 1969, but only as a result. There never was a “Making of” intention by those who classified it Top-Secret. In the meantime the Cold War became Baikonur temperatures and disappeared then. A new world ordering event occurred in 2001 with G.W. Bush, and in 2002 only one was left, who might like to reveal the whole truth:

Vernon Walters

He was part of the 1964 Coup d’état on Brazil and several other silent missions, later he became (Deputy and) Director of the Central Intelligence for Richard Nixon. President Ronald Reagan, ordered economic hitman Emil Wanta to attack the Soviet Union on the financial market, and Vernon Walters became his UN ambassador. You can watch the films made for his public presentation at C-Span Archive. The book about his “Silent Missions” was published in 1978. A year later James Burke released his documentary film

The other side of the moon

Walters liked to add some chapters, that been too sensitive for the initial release. Unfortunately he never did. Maybe because he was too busy for George H. W. Bush as US ambassador to Germany, but his informations have been classified for a long time. So other reasons could have prevented him adding new chapters of his long career. His the lack of time didn’t changed the intention to share his knowledge. Just a few months after Walters retired as ambassador, he agreed to participate in a film documentary named: “The Dark Side of the Moon” in English and “Kubrick, Nixon und der Mann im Mond” in German language.

Director William Karel captured some great footage for the documentary, but then Vernon Walter wanted to stop recordings with serious doubts. Obvious doubts about Life and Death of others, so he didn’t continue unprepared. He intended to talk about the Apollo program of NASA the next day. The way his announcement was made, and recorded, simply: breathtaking. The film crew wasn’t thrilled exclusively, otherwise he might be still with us, based on the good condition he was in. Only hours, before his exploitations could be made in front of a film camera…
he died on February 10th 2002 as a surprise, not just for the film makers. Their documentation can be streamed as video on demand VOD at youtube. (unfortunately not in english)

The truth about Apollo 11

George H W Bush - US President Popart Propaganda - Desert Storm - Gulf-war Iraq Kuweit

George H.W. Bush seems not to have any intentions to share the truth about Apollo 11 or his participation in the J.F. Kennedy assassination. Robert Muller should ask him about some interesting appearances Bush had made. DJ Trump, who claimed to be responsible for the publishing of the Kennedy Files, won’t need to sell his genius supporters that it’s important to learn a few things about history. Maybe because history is full of Fake News, like CNN and Muller’s Tan Boy aka Witch Hunt Investigation. However, you can always catch attention with NAZI Supervillans and distract your audience with Adolf Hitler, Wernher von Braun, Eberhard Taubert, Hugo Stieglitz and “all the great people on both sides”.

Operation Paperclip couldn’t save all Nazi skills, so some “talents” had to be sacrificed to the U.S. Propaganda plot and one for Israel…

Adolf Eichmann – iconic & cinematic Supervillan

In 1961 an experiment started at Yale University known as The Milgram Experiment. The trial of Nazi Eichmann in Jerusalem started three months earlier in July. During the third reich Eichmann was ordered by the beast known as SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, but there was doubt, only a Yale study could help to get rid of. “Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?” Milgram dedicated his psychological Yale study to answer those questions, but he didn’t mentioned the use of Pervitin in the experiment. More about that, you can read and watch… right here.

We need to make more research on the social effect, that homecoming G.I.’s made after german civilians treated dark skinned US soldiers just like other “supremacist’s”. Could it be that occupation of german citizens by black soldiers made them see the difference? Maybe, but we have no data available that proofs a link theory of NAZI’s and Slavery, nor that Black Panthers been inspired by the SS. On the other hand there are good analytics what commercial propaganda is capable to. That a Hollywood film production isn’t cheap and often turned out to make huge amounts of dollars isn’t a secret, but the intention. You will need to use advertising to sell the entertainment product that contains the political propaganda, but when the Military (“Defence”) budgets are working for you – then it might turn out that you are working for them.

Who can afford to rent a US Navy destroyer, when your film script reads unpleasant to the Pentagon?


Universal Moon Propaganda | 2018


In the beginning we mentioned, that when you have bad media coverage and therefore need of public relations, then you should get some good PR talents to spread PsyOps in the public awareness. When your Military got shot by cameras during a mission killing unarmed Palestinian protesters… then you depend on PsyOps.

When the reports about your lethal shots will be broadcasted worldwide continuesly over weeks by a russian news outlet this gets worst. The moment a New York Times reporter witnessed it, you’ll need a Harry Potter to whip the PR wand.

And for the case you’re still working with target groups in your public relations or Cambridge Analytica is currently dismantled, then you might come up with a TV series like Fauda for the daily dosage. That should keep most people away from the origins of Hamas and you from the blowback this could have in public.

A big cinematic Hollywood Propaganda Masterpiece for a big audience.

Metro Goldwyn Meyer – Operation Finale 2018

That’s what a Harvey Weinstein experienced private intelligence agency like blackcube want us to see. The story of course needs a badass Nazi to make Israel look like a victim. That worked out even when Israels Drones been controlled via Ramstein Airbase in Germany, but when you have a allied conman gold digging for the next Nobel Peace Prize while dreaming about the resurrection of SDI as Space Force, then you’re fucked – just like the rest of US.


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