Net Neutrality Support

We do support the Free Internet since 1994.

Transfering files by modem & z-term was common prior 1994. We used private mailboxes even before CompuServ came up with “internet” as an extra feature. That era was slow, expensive and we never looked back – without feeling the acoustic pain of dial-in. Since then we took a lot of images and we write here about Free & Propriety Software, Patent Bully’s, phony Politic, War Propaganda, creative Protest and much more.

net-neutrality-free-speech-firestorm-opposition-skynet-illustration-gfkDSGNSo the deregulation is dangerous for our own Blogsite like the most other Websites, too. This deregulation will separate the creators from their audience. In fact this is quite similar to the changes on Facebook by the limitation of reach, but for the whole internet. This will stifle innovators to establish better solutions for our digital life, than available today. Media Lab director of MIT, Andy Lippmann explains that in detail in the video below. Out there are many different thinkers, independent journalists, innovators, authors and activists. Their legal existence is based on rights like free speech and the technical solution to reach their audience. But…

You don’t need to fight for Free Speech & Net Neutrality,
as long you have nothing to say.

The most wanted man in the World

Edward-Snowden-Right-to-Privacy-nothing-to-HIDE-Free-Speech-nothing-to-SAY-gfkDSGN-Quote-PopArt Edward Snowden was the inspiration for the sentence above, when he said “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say”. According to his intelligence career and experience, there is much truth contained, in both. What those will do who don’t care about truth is what bothers us. When a Trump talks about Fake News, then he has every kind of opposition in mind. A non-neutral internet will help to shut down the opposition for any upcoming totalitarian President. That’s something different than democracy, isn’t it? In fact democracy never was prepared for propaganda. We mentioned the seven steps into dictatorship in our posting about WW1 & Nazi Propaganda. To let Net Neutrality be taken away is more than the first step into tyranny, isn’t it?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Media Lab

Andy Lippman shows how net neutrality works, on a flip chart. The Media Lab associate director further explains how the proposed changes would affect not only our consumption of media, but our ability to innovate. Find more about FCC media info at

Senator Ed Markey for Net Neutrality

Senator Ed Markey speaks out for a Firestorm of Opposition against legalisation of ISP corrupted fast lane models and censorship via content blocking. Seems he is a politician with the best interest in mind for the people, so he could deserve massive support for #NETNEUTRALITY

Web Inventor want it to stay neutral & free

Tim Berners-Lee made the first http server/client communication five years after 1984. It happened nearly simultaneous to the collapse of the Soviet Union and Iron Curtain caused by non-violent protests in East-Germany. Today as director of W3C and founder of the World Wide Web Foundation he calls us all to action on Net Neutrality.

World Wide Web under attack!

Battle for the Net Neutrality – POP Art Illustration by gfkDSGN

Since so many important personalities call to support Net Neutrality this is important for them. We do write here because of the same reason: Freedom matters! Actually there are multiple attacks on the Free Internet, not just the FCC. Tim Berners-Lee unfortunately supports the DRM concepts, that are limiting YOUser access on media. Digital Rights Management was the intended long version of DRM, but the Free Software Foundation has another name for it: Digital Restrictions Management. Actually the intended meaning is deceptive, while the FSF alternative is much more accurate to understand for the public. Both approaches are dangerous for the Free Internet and demand Your action to defeat them. You could write Tim Berners-Lee your opinion on his DRM support AND join the Battle for the Net simultaneous to fight for Your free space, speech, net, communication, media consumption, communication. The illustration of the fist is available to download as vectors to make your own variations.

CNET served a simple beer explanation…

Bridget Carey really made it easy to understand, but Wall Street Journal still supports the idea of a ISP (self- or) unregulated network. That’s working out like unregulated financial markets did for Lehman Brothers in 2008. It’s the WSJ’s own financial interest that ISP’s should be free to charge everybody extra. Unfortunally they have much more reach than we, and they share the same negative value of Freedom like Microsoft. WSJ additionally want to make you pay cash to read their commercial opinions, but behind the paywall they won’t raise much attention to Fight for the Future.


TYT – 2018 June 11th

What happened yesterday, on Monday 11th of June, was some kind of tragedy for equality of human beings, free speech and innovation in the age of Information Technology. Since we have the opinion that game changers should be credited, no matter if their contributions been good or bad for humanity, we have to put the spotlight on the deregulators: Ashit Pai and Tronald Dump.


Last Week Tonight on Net Neutrality

John Oliver is a great activist for Free Speech and Net Neutrality.

fight-for-your-digital-rights-netzpolitik_orgEqual access to online information is once again under serious threat. Since his Last Week Tonight Show on this topic made quite an impact on the FCC, they managed the feedback process to be more complicated. Of course he announced a simple solution for that and John encourages internet commenters to voice their displeasure. Feel free and “express” your concerns in a comment to the FCC… right here:

You can still help to restore Net Neutrality in the House by expressing your opinion and sending it via ACLU.

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