Dalai Lama about Berlin

The Dalai Lama and his Berlin club experience

A very wise man sharing the experience, that he made in Berlin, with another open-mind, the audience and with the dedicated work of sound and camera people… we can share those moments of wisdom here with you.

Russell Brand talking to another open and very wise individual – the Dalai Lama. about the wild club nights in Berlin. It’s worth watching the whole video, but the club culture and party all night long elements, is where we linked the video to start. Even when it is kind of cute how the wise man missed the point, that people who make those clubs work, are actually working and the audience changes all the time. Ignoring wisdom would be, when we would have missed the points the Dalai Lama made here. We didn’t, and we appreciate the wise recommendation/advise.


Dalai Lama – Nightclub Wisdom


Berlin citizens are distracted by all the entertainment and advertising that’s going on here, but imagine when so many People stop to party, and start a creative, non-violent, non-destructive campaign like Berlin Ad-free. The potential is huge, and Media even as part of the distraction, can’t ignore big events. Those events here are made to be big simply by the count of citizens. Something like Carneval of Cultures could speak out for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Communication, Free Software, Liberty, Peace and Free Space to express your thoughts. Imagine only Berlin werbefrei to be successful and join the inspiration of São Paulo.


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