Berlin Mural Festival 2018

Berlin Mural Fest — Urban Art

What had the roots “Back in THE HAUS is coming onto the streets of Berlin — starting with several events, officially by tomorrow.

Like we mentioned it before: the City is full of Artists. Especially now, right ahead of the Festival. You might spot famous Artists from New York, Sofia, Peking, Luxor, Athens, Washington, Paris, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, England, Netherlands and from all over Germany of course.

Herakut, Elle… the list of participainting Artists is long, have a look for yourself. We are quite sure that you will find stunning Art, Artists and artistic performances. Longboard- & Street Skater will be everywhere and part of the program as well. Since the official Trailer is still a one digit number, we discovered it early and can provide it here for You and the international Street Art Community…

F1rst Berlin Mural Festival – Trailer 2018

You can get more information at the Website and quite a few FOTOROTO images of the events, you’ll find right here… Berlin Mural Fest 2018

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