WW1 & Nazi Propaganda

On 2nd April 1917 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson went to Congress to seek a Declaration of War against Germany. The Anniversary today, might be the right time to really care about History, and to learn what happened back then, to prevent cruelties like in World War 1 and WW2.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Edmund Burke

William-Jennings-war-dispatches-Berryman-CartoonThe Chief Advisor of US President for european politics Edward House started in 1913 several confidential trips to Europe and been in close contact with the british foreign secretary Edward Grey.

Grey asked House “What will Americans do if Germans sink an Ocean Liner with American Passengers on Board?” House answered “I believe that a flame of indignation would sweep the United States and that by itself would be sufficient to carry us into war”. The blockade of Germany started in 1914 and William Jennings knew…

“The large banking interests were deeply interested in the World War because of the wide opportunities for large Profits.”

The German Embassy published a Notice for Travellers in the New York Times, but Bankers like J.P. Morgan & Co. enjoyed not only to send 200 American Passengers to death. Alongside of 1000 other Passengers & Crew there have been six million rounds of ammunition hidden at the RMS Lusitania. When german war code was decrypted and all U-boat positions been exposed to the british Navy — Lusitania & Passangers been sacificed on 7th May 1915 and attacked by a torpedo like expected. The second explosion caused by the J.P. Morgan ammunition sent the ship into the depth in less than 20 minutes. Many important events of the sinking of RMS Lusitania are contained in the Film “Terror at Sea”, but not the plot of Grey & House. Beside the Infotainment, we suggest to read this summery of the events, or to watch this part of Zeitgeist. You may be interested in The Secret Origins of the First World War and there is a book about this Hidden History by Gerry Dotchery & Jim Mc Gregor.

William Jennings been rewarded by Woodrow Wilson with the position as Secretary of State and the U.S. Congress voted to declare war against Germany, with six senators and fifty House members dissenting on April 6th 1917. It was a war campaign on American Citizens that created their approval to join WW1.

This is the best, most detailed documentary on WW1 that was made so far. James Corbett spent years of research on this documentary, but his main Gootube channel was deleted 2021. Watch it before his Corbett Report Extras is sharing the same destiny. For the case this happens you could access the documentary at his website.

Make the World safe for Democracy

Make-the-World-safe-for-Democracy_WoodrowWilson-EduardBernays-WW1 Edward Louis Bernays was part of the Creel Committee who created the war propaganda campaigns for the 28th President of the United States and he continued to work  for WW2 and during Cold War. His communication skills are based on the works of Sigmund Freud and “His relationship with Freud was always in the forefront of his thinking and his counseling.” so Scott Cutlip. Bernays used his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s ideas to help convince the public, among other things, that bacon and eggs was the true all-American breakfast. Bernays published the first book “Crystallizing Public Opinion” that explained the field of public relations and gave definitions in 1923. Only a few years later in 1928, he came up with a book that incorporated the literature from social science and made a first definition of psychological manipulation techniques:


In Propaganda he wrote about psychology and how to create acceptance, request and manipulate the masses. He explained how to use symbolic action and propaganda to influence politics. Debunking the techniques was his Luc Skywalker approach to provide tools for social change and gender equality, if you want to believe in that t/his intentions been good.

“I knew that any human activity can be used for social purposes or misused for antisocial ones. Obviously the attack on the Jews of Germany was no emotional outburst of the Nazis, but a deliberate, planned campaign.”

That’s what Bernays said, when he learned about Josef Goebbel’s Library in a report of Karl von Wiegand. Obvious for him, that Goebbel’s took advantage of his work. When he was accused of the similarities to Nazi Propaganda, this had no impact on his support of US wars. But he started to use public relations (PR) as term for his manipulative techniques.

UPDATE: Two months after we published this report, arte TV released a documentary about the topic… “Propaganda: Die Wissenschaft der Meinungsmache”. You need to understand german or french to follow arte TV in detail, but YT auto-subtitles may work.

For english only speakers we recommend to watch this Corbett Report video.

He created the “Torches of Freedom” campaign for Lucky Strike (American Tobacco Company) to encourage women to smoke. More client’s for Big Tobacco then, more client’s for Big Pharma today. The United Fruit Company hired Edward Bernays to create Propaganda for their commercial interest and formed Operation SUCCESS against Guatemala and their democratic elected President Jacobo Árbenz. The Iran Contra Affair was a result of this US engagement, just like Che Guevara & Fidel Castro formed their resistance.

He also worked for Dodge, Procter & Gamble, Aluminium Industry and all kinds of commercial interest. So Advertising is a form of propaganda communication, that he ported for commercial products or services. Bernays himself didn’t smoke and persistently tried to induce his wife to quit smoking. In the 1960’s he started to support several anti-smoking campaigns.

In the aftermath of WW2 the UNO was established, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was made driven by Red Cross interests for humanity and U.S. America started to discover some social phenomenons seen in Nazi Germany. Stanley Milgram & Philip Zimbardo got unexpected results in their University experiments.

Milgram Experiment

July 1961, three months after the start of the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem, an experiment started at Yale University. During the third reich he was ordered by the beast known as Reinhard Heydrich, SS-Obergruppenführer. Milgram devised his psychological study to answer the popular contemporary question: “Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?”

TED x Talk — The Psychology of Tyranny

In the video below Alex Haslam uncovered not just the inverse logic that’s been used in the debriefing of the Milford experiment participants…

Haslan is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland. His research focuses on the study of group and identity processes in social and organizational contexts. In 2016 he won the British Psychology Society Presidents’ Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge.

War on Propaganda vs. War Propaganda

On 19th December 1966 the multilateral treaty of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly with resolution 2200A (XXI), and is active since March 23rd 1976. Even when Torture and War Propaganda (Article 20) been banned since then, there are countless violations worldwide. John Pilger exposed some of them in his documentary Truth and Lies in the War of Terror.

Stanford prison experiment

In 1971 the experiment (SPE) by Philip Zimbardo was an attempt to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power. Struggle between prisoners and prison officers was what Zimbardo was focus on, but it went from bad to worst in less than a week. Here you can see a a video taken of the “Quiet Rage” documentary about the experiment…

In 2004 when acts of torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib prision were publicized, Zimbardo struck by the similarity with his prison experiment. He was dismayed by the lack of official military and government representatives’ acknowledging the possibly of systemic problems with a formally established military incarceration system. Zimbardo became absorbed in trying to understand who these people were, asking the question “are they inexplicable, can we not understand them”. This is what led him to write the book The Lucifer Effect. The movie you can find here at Prision Experiment Website. Those result are some kind of proof for an unpopular theory:

Good American’s can be good Nazi’s, too.

Congratulations to the Propaganda artist “Dr. Josef Bannon”! During Nuremberg Trials he might have been a top candidate for the finals. Unfortunately the list is long because of all the Pentagon’s acive War Propaganda and Power Play. Obvious that they developed those Techniques further and in the New York Times reports “Hidden Hand” the author & investigative journalist David Barstow wrote about the War Propaganda of the Pentagon aka “Ministry of Defence”. We would suggest a Nobel Prize for Peace award for Barstow, for his brave investigations. With the honest Prize, and not the corrupted version. Is this maybe the right place to mention that the Nobel Prize Peace committee selected winners by the same inverse logic, like the Pentagon does denfence? “who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. The committee doesn’t need a reminder, we took it directly from their website. At least David Barstow won a Purlitzer Prize for his investigation and reports. Thank you Mr. Barstow for your brave reports!

Torture, Black Site Prison & PsyWar

Stasi-Blacksite-Prision-Hohenschoenhausen-Torture-GDR-total-SurveillanceGermany and U.S.A. have so much in common, that some Citizens in both countries try to ignore this. No need to compare Hohenschönhausen and Guantanamo Bay facilities in detail to see the similarities. John Pilgram made an interview with Julien Assange covering this topic for his documentary “The War You Don’t See”. The expected results on the public, caused by black site prisons are maybe the same, too. While Nazi Germany became known for SS, anti semitism and anti humanistic cruelties, there was huge international interest in the weapon systems like Messerschmidt’s ME-262 jet-fighters, rocket engines like V2, Microwave, flow studies & engines of Viktor Schauberger & Horton’s stealth technology, encryption like Enigma …and of course Propaganda Techniques.
All this creativity could be used for the good of people, not weapons to kill them. The first accepted political party to be re-established after WW2 in west germany (FRG) was the communistic KPD. They’ve been against a re-militarization, but this was no option for the allied forces, based on their interest and unlimited access as occupying forces. The KPD was isolated in the parliament quick, not only because of the raising russian-american tensions. In April 1952 there was a Ban of Anti-War Propaganda of east-german (GDR) post letters by a classified sentence of the high court of law in Karlsruhe (FRG). Things like that been common a decade earlier at Volksgerichtshof, but for a democracy like west germany this was ground breaking. The “Fünf-Broschüren-Urteil” effected not only postal transport and telecommunication, it helped by rejecting the status of a legal party for moderate leftists, too. Even when Freud’s oppressive approach was defeated, the ongoing agenda by occupied germany & government, was a reason for the later upcoming counter-terror forces like red army fraction (RAF). Oktoberfest Terror attack has strong evidence to be right wing,  anti-communism and Gladio related. Some kind of How not to do as a Democracy.

Anti Communist PsyWarfare by a Nazi

Nazi-Eberhard-Taubert-US-PropagandaOn the other side the anti communism task force Volksbund für Frieden und Freiheit e.V. (VFF) received financial support direct by the US government and additional federal german budgets of nearly a million annually. A high Nazi official in the Ministry of Propaganda under Goebbels, who wrote the film script “The Eternal Jew” & “Triumph of the Will“, invented the yellow Judenstern badge and founded in 1934 the publishing house Nibelungen-Verlag. He is known by some of his names – by his parents he was named Eberhard Taubert. Goebbels called him a “sympathic Fanatic”. By creating the identity of Dr. Erwin Kohl and several others he lived in Hamburg after WW2.  In 1946 Taubert was hired by British intelligence and a year later by US Counter Intelligence Corps (Army CIC). He left Hamburg several times to provide consulting for South America, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt and Apartheid regime in South Africa in “Active Propaganda”. Obvious that he did some serious spy lessons with local forces in the areas of interest of his clients. We are glad that Madiba won in the long term. Wernher von Braun of Propaganda alias Taubert founded the Volksbund in 1950 and Spiegel Magazin reported about him and some of his upcoming campaigns. In 1951 he founded Markus-Verlag in Cologne as publishing house to provide a softer form of Propaganda for inner german border patrol “Die Parole” and “Visier” as magazine for the Army (Bundeswehr). Spiegel magazine published 1955 a report “Nothing has Changed”, but with that public attention Dr. Taubert had to resign the board of VFF first and payroll later. Nearly a decade after Taubert joined the US Army CIC the FBI started in 1956 CoIntelPro operations, and those tactics are still used to this day. Robert F. Kennedy authorized some of the programs as Attorney General. Maybe Kennedy was the reason Democracy Now didn’t get deeper into the story in their 2000 report.

Taubert was hired in 1958 to counsel the german “Psychologic Warefare” by the minister of defence and right wing politician Josef Strauß (CDU). He operated an office in Bonn like a “Sith Lord” for the dark force of PsyOps. This time not for NAZIS, but NATO and several other intelligence services in the middle-east, like SAVAK in Iran. A report by Torben Gülstorff about “Warming up a cold War” is published by Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Gülstorff examines the history of the CIAS, and the VFF was one of the strongest members of the CIAS network. The VFF had a solid financial support by the Federal Ministry for All-German Affairs, the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, several other ministries and private institutions. Nazi Taubert continued to work with right-wing politicians & journals to enforced a McCarthyistic anti-communism in west-germany.

Our Democracy under Attack

Seems like Eberhard Taubert was an inspiration for Steve Bannon (Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica and Chief Strategist for the White House) — we couldn’t figure it out so far. Right now to ask those questions is important for german citizens, because of our act of disobedience in our Grundgesetz and the attacks of Cambridge Analytica. Even when it is obviously not our country, we have many friends in the USA working in music & sports, in arts like Joergen or Torsten at MIT. And a Titan V Server of NVIDIA can actually recognize 9.000 pictures per second by objects and situations in the picture. GPS & Metadata just provide additional entries in Big Data to make Deep Mind – Artificial Intelligence become reality. NVIDIA’s autonomously deep learning (and teaching!) Systems have currently the most potential to become something like Skynet. Arnold known as T9000 in the Terminator SciFi Movies of Hollywood became Governator, and that’s how good deception became by time.

Your private Matrix

With latest online communication systems, social-network named profiling solution and micro-targeting of unrecorded (seriously?) ad display, to not only US Citizens. Is it still named democracy, since we learned that Cambridge Analytica knows those individuals way better, than their real-life partner. Marc Zuckerberg announced that up to 87.000.000 Profiles been downloaded by them and when he says so, then it have to be much more. Cambridge Analytica analysed those profiles, the likes, the friends …and their Neuronal Networks can predict their/our decisions, consumer behaviour and: votes! The real Game of Thrones isn’t what Hollywood- & TV-Star Politicians do in front of a camera. It’s not that fancy and cinematic, but the acts are the real thing to make our western culture more like a humanitarian organism. Watch out for those who make our laws, and their intentions will guide you the real persons of interest. Of course we have to mention here Robert Mercer in the Cambridge Analytica context. But we still try to figure out, what made former Cambridge Analytica CTO Whylie to implement AI (neural network engine) into the democratic process, and not to expect Frankenstein as result. Similar situation with Brittany Kaiser on the Propaganda side. “Could we call them all accomplices?” When the psycho warfare weapons and PsyOp campaigns made a self-proclaimed “stable Genius” the 45th President of U.S. America, then those weapons are seriously dangerous. A Geneva Conventions should be organized to discuss the dangerous effects onto Civilians, and to update the list of unconventional weapons in the modern age of IT cyberwars. Regulation and Ban of some of the AI related weapons need to be evaluated. In fact every Democracy need to urgently build task forces to protect this construct for their own good, and for humanity at all. There is no doubt – Democracy is under Attack. Unfortunately this isn’t News, but the is much more to explore of the broadcasted Truempman Show.

The Propaganda NAZI Eberhard Taubert was used to “Warm Up the Cold War” by NATO. To keep the east/west tensions as high as the budgets on military in the height of the Cold War, is what Taubert was deeply involved in. He and later Leo Emil Wanta been some of the most successful soldiers against communism, and even other democratic systems.

Walls are against Freedom

Berlin Wall – Oberbaum Bridge – Border Wall – Streetart Photography

East Side Gallery – Berlin Wall

We as Berlin citizens don’t need to remind that the intention to build a Wall is to separate people. Such a construction act against humanity is without doubt created by propaganda fear. Isn’t this quite similar to become a traitor of Freedom? Israel built a Wall, and the weakened socialist regime of the GDR before. When a President like Bush, Trump or Wilson announce to take away freedom for security, it takes many peaceful and brave Citizens to prevent this. Trump’s behaviour to fire his staff, is an ongoing incapability to manage critic in a target relates process, and to secure his power. Isn’t it? Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did something similar in Turkey and Washington Post published in March 2016 “Clearly, democracy cannot flourish under Erdogan now”. While both Presidators have a big ego and like to keep it polished, Erdoğan is an experienced politician and hard-liner when it comes to critic. A statue of Erdoğan was pulled down in his favour, but against the law. The court made him pay only a small 5-digit number as compensatory. But what was Donald Trump been judged for so far? We wonder which system is the less totalitarian regime. That’s another good example of inverse logic and honestly pretty sad for the USA, for Democracy and our Friends in northern America. We are against all forms of totalitarian systems and war, so we write here and provide some powerful information and tools below.

Tyranny Today

When you do think you couldn’t be manipulated this way, nor could it happen in Israel & the USA today, with all the information in the iNet and so much TV channels…
then you might like to see this video of Derren Brown of the latest experiments about that in Britian.

Even when no Mamal was harmed — This Video was shocking for us, again. The Illusionist Brown is doing some spectacular other things as well, but let’s keep it non-entertainment over here. Bismark is quoted sometimes with this…

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Please consider to read the embassy reports about what happened right before WW2. This time frame could be followed way better by the international annual embassy reports, than by Propaganda filled newspaper stories. You might like to compare different reports to recognize what they have in common, and where is no international consent. When we talk about German Angst and Zeitgeist, then it is important to know the sources. The generated fear is an expected result of responsible communication specialists and their clients. Against this, our ancestors haven’t been successful enough in their resistance — Jews, Sinti, Roma and all kind of Homosexuals and other “traitors” been killed, not to mention soldiers, fathers & civilians. The non-lethal “peaceful” war of Graf Spee became legendary, but on the other hand Richard Heydrich ordered cold blooded and without significant documented human interference. According to all that, it would be great to see the President of US America to take another path and avoid “german errors”.

How to play Trump

As a U.S. Citizen you could help your government by creating campaigns for Peace and Freedom. You could use Guerilla Media Tactic’s like we have seen and described in the Posting about the European Central Bank (ECB) Light Sculpture. We’d like to call those campaigns Open Peace Propaganda, and advice creators and those who like to become one of them, to use the techniques of Edward Bernays with good and non-violent intentions to blockade war intentions inside of US Pentagon and Weapon Industry. Don’t make Syria the next US crime against humanity, please share this posting! Below you’ll find links to download a free manual for non-violent resistance against those war interests of Plutocrats, Oligarchs, Banksters and Dictators.

The CIA provided on the other side copies of their “Freedom Fighters Manual” by air drop to create the radical Contras in Nicaragua. This caused violations of the Human Rights and brought Death to a Democracy, like many other CIA interventions this is also known as american holocaust. Create your own Campaign and invite Journalists when you present them, to fight the ongoing Holocaust! In fact those been affected the most by War Propaganda, been scared about the under-laying message & effects for them and their beloved ones. Those people are made to accept, to give away freedom for Security, and they’ve been deceived the big way. You can see event’s like that in the 9/11 Homeland Security Aftermath. Are you ready to fight for your Freedom? We are fighting with words of Love already, for a long time. Some of us are already been accused to be NAZI’s, because we are talking to them. We have doubts that those accusations been made, to protect the Nazi ideology of our dangerous questions, neither to protect us by the Nazi agenda. Those kind of Nazi accusations are pre justifications, shadow projections, and contra productive, but funny in a strange way. A barrier of communication with real Neo-Nazi’s could be less effective for your protest interest, than “FUCK NAZI” posters. Why don’t we think different and start to to deliver our message in a way like Edward Bernays would do? To use emotional inversion on Neo-Nazi’s may be the most effective way to dezombiefy them. Try to somehow

Love Nazi’s

even when it seem impossible at first sight. Only when nobody is listening to the scared ones, and nobody is teaching them about, what they have been used for, only then a tyranny like the third reich can raise. This means talking to them, taking their fears serious and discovering their trauma is a way to fight for Freedom of all People and Humanity. It’s important to take the lessons of Gabor Maté serious when it comes to traumas, especially those one of nazis & their victims. When you have some kind of Neo-Naz(omb)i’s or other supremacists in your country, then we would suggest to talk to them if possible – let them participate of knowledge. They might be blind yet, but… What if we could make them see? Yes, White Life’s matter – equal, not more. In our opinion it’s worth to take the time and to talk to every single one of them, and with the intention to understand you will ask questions. We did. Possible that some of your questions that take them time to answer, will be there for a while longer. Processing some ideas for a long time, could make them see greyscale. Give Neo-Nazis a little of your time & love, let’s say empathy, security, and… one day they might see People in Color (as equal). The popular videos of glasses correcting color blindness are a good symbol for the mentioned process, but more like starting at 1-bit to 24-bit color depth. Imagine your Nazis to see all the colors at the next bazaar.

Be nice and use irony, not iron.

You could raise funds for example and help them to archive a proper level of education. Or…

you could provide food and nice pink posters for the Nazi’s, but to keep the situation calm you’ll need to take care about Antifa as well. When something like in Charlottesville is announced, a creative campaign like in Wunsiedel will have much more impact, than regular Black Bloc behaviour. Our suggestion is to give them all a good book to read. This one is for free and a

Handbook for a non-violent Resistance.

Gene Sharp – From Dictatorship To Democracy – How Non-Violent Struggle Works – Free DownloadAuthor Gene Sharp wrote the book
“From Dictatorship To Democracy” and published it in nearly every language that’s spoken. On January 28th 2018 he passed away peacefully and some reporters mention him already in a row with Mahatma Gandhi. Even when he is missed in person, his ideas and concepts to resist tyranny are spreading over the world.
You can Download the Book directly at A Einstein Organization free of charge in english, german, arabic and many other languages, For a World Free of Dictatorship.

7 Social Processes to avoid Tyranny.

  • 1st — Mindlessly taking the first small step
  • 2nd — Dehumanization of others
  • 3rd — De-individuation of self (anonymity)
  • 4th — Diffusion of personal responsibility
  • 5th — Blind obedience to authority
  • 6th — Uncritical conformity to group norms
  • 7th — Passive tolerance of evil through inaction or indifference.

“This might be a peaceful planet.”

is what Zarvox said, since the first Macintalk release. You could spread the words by downloading and sending the book via eMail. You can spread the Links, like this WordPress Posting and most easy like important…  #share2care

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