cold Heart – cold Night

When the winter is hard – they think it’s time to leave us

Do you remember the Winter 2016 when in December David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds and along them many non-celebtities and homeless left. That George Michael former Frontman of Wham and vocalist of “Last Christmas” joined them, was bitter & sarcastic. Familymembers and friends been taken out of our lifes in this season. In cold times, there are many cold hearts to find. Ignorance is a skill need for surviving on the different markets, but affected the empathy of humanity hard. There are Photographers out in Winter working for Getty Images worldwide and worst paid, but just one became famous for becoming homeless.

Here in Berlin there is a Service available: Kältehilfe Local newspaper Tagesspiegel wrote a report about the situation in Winter.


cold Heart – cold Night




Lost Hope – Lost Love

It’s a different death, when a young individual is hopeless and the lost love of a former partner made up the idea of no way out. When there is nobody listening, nobody to talk to, nobody with a helping hand… then the percentage rise a lot of those who opt-out. Been there for a friend with a broken heart, to listen and care the other night and only 150 minutes later, there was a deep acoustic noise. It was loud and different to all those fireworks and explosions on new years evening. This sound was metallic and like a huge impact that required a lot of kinetic energy. As a first responder of THW i took a crowbar with me immediately — with the instinct of a photographer the camera. Then i rushed down to the street looking for injured persons.


Breaking Heart

prepared to see the worst i found a young individual outside of the car with a man helping him already. Help been called moments ago, but neither doc’s, police or firefighter’s had arrived so far. Curious if he is able to answer and can remember things like his name, i started talking to him. When i asked about his pain and location i took a look at the car a recognised two airbags open. Saying something like “Lucky Boy, those airbags saved your life” his answer was breaking my heart.

“Yes, unfortunately.”

His following story made me wonder how cruel some people are, when they end up with their former loved ones. As a man i can only tell by my experience on women, and that violence starts often by words. Many male friends told about similar experiences. Some man react in extreme situations maybe in anger & fear by neither less extreme actions. In the state of fear the human brain works different, psycho analytic data about this is available in the net.


Statistics are published

about domestic violence and public available, too. But when we take statistics to evaluate the mood of citizens, don’t those analytic emploees actually have numbers, about the men who act with violence against themself, or do they? When current Parliament does not see how important those numbers are as well, then what makes it different to the former regime known as GDR? This young man with east german origin had no hope left inside, and nobody listened to his sufferings. No job opportunities available, not love, no free press, no future — What may be the next thing to let go?


Das Leben der Anderen


Well, Doctors arrived first, Firefighter second and last Police.

With all the respect i need to say that Firefighters did a good job that night starting with blocking potential sightseers and Doctors as well. Police on the other side did send a single car and only a single officer was brave enough to hold a flashlight for others during temperatures of minus 13° celsius. Observation of progress on this was more important for cops, than asking those been there at first. So i decided to get out of the cold and find some sleep after all that. Needless to write, this didn’t worked out very well.

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